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Ministerial Appointment: Fashola intensifies lobby as party leaders set to block him

imageIt is authoritative that all is not well in the ruling party at the moment, at least for some individuals. This is because the strong man of All Progressive Congress (APC) Senator Bola Tinubu has thwarted all moves made by President Muhammadu Buhari to consider the immediate past governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola for a ministerial appointment. For now Fashola’s consideration for a political appointment is a torn and shredded.
Tinubu’s position became evident some days back when President Buhari was said to be considering Fashola for a cabinet slot which was said to have infuriated the man called Jagaban. A source informed this medium that the politician was so angry at a time that he said if the president insists on Fashola, then he (Tinubu) will also volunteer to be a ministerial candidate from Lagos. Obviously, Tinubu who enjoys the support of party hierarchy knows such move will throw spanner into many considerations.
Therefore, Fashola’s consideration for any political appointment was immediately suspended by the President and the political leaders. It was as a result of the feelers that was said to have prompted Fashola in saying that he would be considering going into full law practice very soon.
During the transition period, Tinubu was said to have nominated Lagos state former finance commissioner Wale Edun as Finance minister for Buhari administration.
A major factor that was allegedly given was that Fashola neglected the party while he was the governor. While he was the governor, he severally had a running battle with Tinubu over his approach to governance. It would be recalled that Fashola’s second term nomination was more of a war before the political father conceded to his re-election.
Meanwhile, Fashola is said to have intensified a high power lobby to sustain the sympathy of president Buhari for him. For instant, few days ago, Fashola called on Ogun state governor,Ibikunle Amosun who is believed to be the closest governor to Buhari. Their relationship was dated back to the time of ANPP where they were both active players. In the same vein, Fashola also called on former Vice President Atiku Abubakar all in a bid for them to chip in a word for his political appointment by the President.
Political observers say his invitation to join the entourage of Buhari for G7 meeting in Germany may not signal a positive position as they believe that it might be a opportunity for the president to subtly break the news of immense pressure not to consider him. Some however differ, saying his invitation is an indication that Buhari has made up his mind to work with him o matter whose ox is gored.
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