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Megaplux Takes New Identity, Turns a Specialist

MEGAPLUX GLOBAL LOGOA visit to the company’s office, expansive location at Yaba area of Lagos will convince every existing and prospective client as well as general visitors the readiness of the company to take up and sustain the new challenge. The up-to-date facilities, sophisticated equipments, standard tools, spacious environment complemented by skilled personnel with adequate expertise and technical-know-how speak volume of the new identity the company has chosen for itself.
Driven by its commitment to its brand proposition of making ideas happen and in its determination to deliver top-of-world quality job for its teeming clients, Megaplux Global Access Limited, a Nigerian leading Point of Sales Material (POSM) engineering company has taken an unprecedented step in the industry by creating a new niche for itself and reaching beyond the existing demand.
This is through the recent reposition of its brand identity in going beyond the general business of branding by becoming a specialized company in fabrication and engineering of POSM. The move, heralded by launch of new logo is with a clear-cut objective of mastering the art of fabrication of all forms of POSM.
Over the years, Megaplux has been involved in quite an array of branding which have become a ‘general’ identity for all companies in that field. The company has gained experience in bending various materials which include fibre glass, wood, iron, metal, aluminum, among others in creation of not only quality elements but also delivering aesthetics. It is therefore taking a leadership position in the new ‘blue ocean’ by reinforcing its core area of competence.
Speaking on the rationale for this new direction, the Chief Executive officer of the company, Paul Inyang declared that the commitment of the company to continuously innovate and deliver quality products and services that provide strategic value to our clients’ brands, businesses and reputation has propelled the company into this direction.
“Our resolution is to offer the top-of-the-world products and services to our clients, in our world, excellence is not our culture, it is what we are. Our uniqueness is not so much our fine fabrication detailing, but our intellectual and psychological understanding of a brand’s impact on its consumer base. When it comes to delivering pristine fabrication output, we dig further than most to unearth the precious rocks embedded deep within your brand’s ‘DNA’.” He said.
“It is also good to note that our years of experience coupled with quality of jobs we have perpetually delivered to its clients have brought us to where we are now. It is our belief that brand presence is much more than being there on time, it is also being there in style, this is one of our guiding principles. We specialize in creating effective themed environments for the most positive brand-consumer association, whatever the personality of your brand, we are sure to give the right theme and ambience each time, every time. We have come a long way, in skill acquisition, expertise, capacity among others, we are no longer doing the business as usual, we are now a specialist, you know when you are still growing, or you lack some expertise in a trade, you will be referred to as doing ‘general’ thing, but when you get to a certain stage, with necessary ingredient, you take up an authority.” He declared.

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