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Man Stabbed Brother Over Argument Of Esama Stupendous Wealth

A middle-aged man has reportedly stabbed his younger brother over a heated argument on Esama of Benin’s stupendous wealth.
The victim whose name was given as Master O. Ernest is said to have sustained severe cut when his elder brother, (name withheld) he lives with took a knife to stabbed him at anus.
According to the gist, the argument is centered on the hearsay held by the younger brother that the wealth of Esama is linked with a recent phenomenon.
The elder brother who was said could not withstand this view despite several explanations that this lion of human development award recipient, (1997) became the Esama of Benin Kingdom, (a position meant only for the most affluent Edo indigene) spanning back over four decades, had to inflict injury on his younger brother. He said this is done based on his younger brother’s ignorance and on the unprogressive lifestyle of blatant liars and gossipers.
An eye-witness account in Pidgin English and rephrased, quoted the elder brother this way:
“We both are adults. And as adult we should be filled with reasons and discernment. I explained to my younger brother that Esama of Benin kingdom made his money long before his first son became governor. I reminded him that at one time during the campaign of his son in early 90s he, (Esama) fed large number of Edos at his free restaurant open for that purpose.  Added, most successful men from Edo state beginning from the late 1960s can comfortably trace their success which in one way or the other has a link and blessing to the arms of Chief Igbinedion.”

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