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MALTA GUINNESS: Low Sugar, Low Visibility, Low Awareness!

When the brewing giants, Guinness Nigeria Plc launched its latest product Malta Guinness Low Sugar, many who have been clamouring for this kind of product were so elated at the arrival of the product. This is because the incidences of taking foods and drinks with much sugar contents have caused many health damages to a lot of people. Thus a product with low sugar content will be readily accepted and well patronized. But alas! The launching of Malta Guinness Low Sugar was the only good thing about the product as all the people who combed everywhere in the market to purchase their much-desired product were disappointed because the much-vaunted low sugar Malta Guinness was nowhere to be found. It became a stop and search scenario at most market by all Malta Guinness Low Sugar seekers. Most of them were so dismayed that they condemned in strong words that Guinness Plc may be flying a kite with this idea, which no one can decipher, because since the purported launching of the virtually non-existent Malta Guinness Low Sugar, its awareness and visibility in the market have been abysmally low. So where is the low sugar in the Malta Guinness drink? ‘Is Guinness Plc reading this? We hope so.

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