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Majek Fashek: Pathetic story of once upon a star says My Problem Is The Media

Majek-FashekThe man nicknamed ‘The Rainmaker’ for his gift to literally bring down the rain, Majekodunmi Fasheke, popularly known as Majek Fashek, was one of the hottest music star in Nigeria. He spoke on his state of health in this interview.

How have you been?
I thank God, He is good. A living dog is better than a dead lion. I thank God I’m still alive and among the living.
What has the year been like for you?
It’s been good. I’m a prophet of God. I serve Eledumare. I’m like Elijah, Elisha and Moses.
What keeps you going despite everything?
The same thing, it is God. I’m not God, He’s the one that’s keeping me alive, not anybody.
There are many rumours and speculation about you. Tell us what is the truth from your end in all these?
The Nigerian press, the print in particular, not electronic, have been blackmailing me. They are trying to ruin me, writing all sorts of things against me. I did nothing. I was in America, I had to come back to prove them wrong. I’m a Rastafarian man, a prisoner of conscience. I’m the begotten of Jesus Christ, He’s my father, I have children that are doing well in America.
It was said that ‘you were roaming the streets begging. Tell us what happened?
It’s not true. The thing is I’m a Rasta man and a prisoner of conscience. These are my two movements. And a prisoner of conscience and Rasta man does not avoid the poor. Poverty is a sin, I cannot discriminate against the streets, even though I’m a millionaire. I have $100,000 in one of the biggest banks in America. I’m not a careless man. I’m a father with four boys. What happened was the hotel I was staying didn’t have light and they didn’t put on the generator. I was bored. So, I went into the streets to buy myself a drink. I like Guinness, sometimes Apeteshi
or malt. I use the apeteshi to consult with the holy spirit. Why would I, as a prisoner of conscience, alienate myself from the poor man and poor woman? Then I am not a prisoner of conscience.
How can I beg? The Nigerian print is trying me, I will pour fire on them. Don’t they want me to live? You people, the media control the world. People believe whatever you write. You control even the presidents of the world. The area boys and girls are the ones that saved my stardom. So, how can I alienate myself from them? I share with them because God used them to save my glory. I didn’t even know that guy that wrote this thing came to investigate me. Is he CIA? I even bought him bread that day.
You really mean none of it was true, that you were begging on the streets?
No. None of it is true.
You’ve said all the stories are not true. So, what’s the true state of things?
The true state of things is that with all the rum ours, God still kept me. It’s all blackmail. It’s only God that has kept me alive that I must obey.
Where you stay in the Airforce Base, Ikeja, is this your home?
No, it’s my manager’s (Hajia Daniagi). She’s married to a commander. ‘
Do you have your own house?
Yes, I have a house in Ogba, Lagos. It’s a bungalow. There was a beef, which we have settled.
You mentioned that you were in America. When did you come back to Nigeria?
About three years ago. I originally wanted to go back this year, but I felt that the Nigerian people will not forgive me if I do. So, I will be going back next year.
How about your health, how are you faring?
I’m all right. I’m not living by the will of man, but by the will of God.
There was a time your family wanted to come to Nigeria?
Yes, but I stopped them, I told them not to, especially because my first son, Randy, he has a good job with the American government with a wife and children. And I didn’t want him to risk all that.
What was the reason for their wanting to come to Nigeria?
They were missing me, it’s been three years. Like Moses, when God called him, he left his family. I had to leave them when God called me to come back to my people.
What have you been up to since you returned?
I have been mobilizing. I just finished a record with A Plus, which will be coming in August. It’s called Gangster Rasta and was produced by one of the best producers in Nigeria. It has ten tracks and we’re ready to go.
There is a lady who claimed to be a former back-up singer of yours doing a campaign to help raise money for you. Do you know about that?
Yes, she’s my girl. I showed her love and care, so she didn’t’ forget me.
So, how has the campaign gone, has it raised money for you?
She’s still raising the money, I know she’s trying her best for me because she wants me to be alive
What happened between you, Prince Wadada, Ras Kimono and the others?
I don’t have any problem with them. They are my friends.
How did you feel while all these stories about you were being reported?
I put everything in the Hand of God. The sad thing is that it will affect all these young musicians. How can I beg? The Nigerian print is my energy. The more they come for me, the more I will call the fire to burn them.
How about our musician friends, how have they been helping?
They are trying, at least. Money is not everything. They are praying.
Finally, what do you have to say to Nigerians?
What I want to say to my people, I don’t call them Nigerians, I call them African Nigerians, because I don’t like that name Nigerians. It’s from nigga. Nigeria must change their flag and add one colour for them to raise. The colour must be changed to something similar to that of Ghana. I am prophesying to you right now, I am a prophet of God. I am the last prophet after Prophet Mohammed. Nigerians must go to church every Sunday, it’s the pastor that are saving this country.
To my fans, they must always stand firm in the Lord through trial and tribulation. Walking with God is not easy, to walk with cults is easy but you are programmed to die. Waling with God takes patience. Have you heard my song Little Patience? We should be patience, even with Buhari. I didn’t support him and APC before because him and Idiagbon jailed Fela, my oga. But I’ve investigated him and found that he is not a thief. Be patience, I rest my case.
Your wife said she’s remarried. How do you react to this?
First, I came back to Nigeria because America betrayed me. I did a movie in America called Majek Fashek in new York. Was never repatriated, I’m a citizen of the United States of mae4rica, I have my green card. What I’m saying is that my wife does not have a husband.
It’s just propaganda. She is just trying to deceive me with it. I want you to get my story; while I was in America, I was instructed to go to rehab because of drugs and alcohol, which I did. I came out after one month, but I was not given my contract which I signed with Interscope Records. Later, Rita Marley, Bob Marley’s wife, and an American rasta woman named Cassandra signed me to Top Gun Records. She said I have a spirit as her husband. And all the children agreed.
The Nigerian press is betraying me unnecessarily. Today, the likes of P-Square and the rest are making waves in America, it’s because I open the way for them.
I am not a wicked man, why is the Nigerian print bastardizing my name? I still have a four year contract with Top Gun Records International, it’s headquartered in Florida, Miami. The Nigerian press keep writing about me. I have a record label which I created to help young musicians. But I can’t retired now because my wife don yab me, so I’m going back to work. That’s all I have to say.
-Culled from Encomium Weekly

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