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Mafiana Takes Up NUC Secretariat As Okojie Resigns

The former Executive Secretary of National Universities Commission, NUC, Professor Julius Okojie, has said that he was leaving, NUC, with confidence that he was leaving the Nigerian university system better repositioned than it was 2006.
Prof. Okojie stated this while formally handing over to his Deputy Professor Chiedu Mafiana, ‎ in Abuja.
He said though there might be some challenges in the system, but the country is good and there is room for expansion.
According to him, “I can say with confidence that our university system is better than how it use to be some years ago.
“We have been able to regulate curriculum, put new programmes in place. I have the fear of God. We must always stay on the path of truth and love because the burden of hatred is too much.
“We must apply it to all our endeavours in life. Yes, we might have some challenges in the sector but this country is good. There is still room for more expansion”.
The former NUC boss decried Parents who send their children to school abroad, saying “Only poor minded Parents send their children to Ghana to school because the quality of their education is not as good as Nigerian. We cannot play God in what we do, what we can just make sure of is that it brings progress.”
As at August 2006 when Professor Julius Okojie was appointed as the Executive Secretary of the National universities Commission, Nigeria had 7 Private universities with less than 30 federal universities and about 12 state universities. But now, 60 Private universities exist in Nigeria with 40 Federal Universities and about 30 state universities.
Prior to his appointment in 2006, Professor Okojie was a former vice chancellor, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta and Bells University, Ota before spending two years at the NUC as a Visiting Professor.
In his acceptance speech, Prof. Mafiana, said it was his pleasure to accept to be the acting Executive Secretary of NUC. He said Prof. Okojie is his mentor and a good friend, saying, “A man able to put all his ten fingers in his mouth without being choked.
I want to assure you that we would regulate with courage. You have served Nigeria in this capacity and at this period of time. “Not much will change, a tree does not make a forest but I would serve with courage and humility. And we would continue to be resolute in the regulation of NUC”.
Bafiana joined NUC in June 2003 as a visiting professor and returned as a Director for NUC, and until his appointment as the acting ES, he was Director of Quality Assurance.

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