The Nigerian event galore is set to witness a one of its kind event. It is called MADE IN NIGERIA FESTIVAL. Touted to be the biggest platform ever to be, it promises to unite, celebrate and empower Nigerians. According to the organizers Ezekiel Adamu, Akin Osho and Samson Adamu of the all-comers event,’’ Made In Nigeria Festival is a week-long event that will give participants home and abroad the unique opportunity to ‘Experience Nigeria like never before. The event consists of an Exhibition, Conferences, concerts and much more, targeted at portraying Nigeria’s rich economic and cultural potentials’’. Made In Nigeria Festival will kick off in the city of Lagos, being Nigeria’s largest commercial capital and the nation’s largest urban area with over 17million inhabitants. For the record and no avoidance of doubt, Lagos city plays host to major multi-nationals in the country, and is thriving ground for small and medium scale business; the reason why the Lagos city is preferred, as the kick-off platform of the festival.

The principal highlight of the festival is the Made In Nigeria Expo. The expo is an event that will be Nigeria’s largest exhibition for unique products and service that are targeted at the Nigerian market. It will be an exhibition for manufacturers, distributors and service providers whose products and services are being consumed by Nigerians. These products are either made in Nigeria or outside the country but relevant to the Nigerian market, all of which will be showcased in its entire splendour.  Other highlights of the festival Premium Top 100 pavillion for large scale multinationals; Small Business Pavillion for owners of small businesses; Networking Lounge – an exclusive section which provides attendees from all over the world who are interested in making international connections with a comfortable environment for networking; a Conference Hub, which will give companies the opportunity to create their own hub to interact with buyers and prospective-cum- potential customers; Taste of Nigeria, a culinary event that will bring together leaders in the food industry. Organizers of the event are also putting together a book that will showcase the beauty, history, people and culture of Nigeria. It is titled ‘Experience Nigeria.

Centrally, all activities of the Festival will be showcased and beamed to a worldwide audience, not only at the venue but through on-line and electronic channels such as mobile App, live video streaming, regular updates on the website and social media and many more. Nigerians in the year 2014, will surely gain something for being part of the impending festival.

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