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M-Net ABANDONS BBA’s PREZZO!…AS Prezzo visits Lagos In Search of Goldie

That one of the Big Brother Africa (BBA) housemate, Prezzo, is in Nigeria should not be news by now, because the news is all over town. But what is strange about this ambassador of the M-Net-organised BBA reality TV show is that no M-Net official was with him while he arrived Nigeria.

Prezzo, a Kenyan national and first runner-up in the BBA star-game was said to have addressed a press conference, concerning his controversial romance with Goldie, Nigeria’s singing sensation and a fellow housemate to Prezzo in the last edition of BBA.

That Prezzo visited Nigeria without being accompanied by any M-Net official, should leave much to be desired in the hearts of many, because they believe M-Net expected to keep tabs on the movement and activities of their star housemates. In essence, M-Net may allegedly be unaware of Prezzo’s visit to Nigeria, and could be indicative of the fact that they (M-Net) may have dumped Prezzo, that is, if it has not done so. More worrisome is the fact that an outfit that organized Prezzo’s media parley last week is relatively obscure in performance delivery. A source close to M-Net however said the company was aware of Prezzo’s coming to Nigeria, but they often pay attention and follow eventual winners when the situation arises and not runners-up.

Meanwhile, at the press conference, Prezzo was said to have declared his undying love for Goldie, and even went ahead to express his intention to marry Goldie as he aptly said it, “I am in Nigeria for Goldie”. Unfortunately for him, he said since he stepped into Nigeria, he has been calling Goldie, but she will not just pick his calls. When asked how he will convince Goldie about his love for her, Prezzo said, “let her pick her calls first, and then we can sort things out like consenting adults; the most important thing is not what happened in the House, but what is happening now; If I could travel all the way from my country Kenya down to Nigeria, all because of Goldie that should show how serious and determined I am”.

Whatever Prezzo is here for in Nigeria is his business, but it leaves much to the imagination of many as to how a BBA winner can embark on a journey without the knowledge or consent of the ‘R

omeo’ Goldie.


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