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The champagne has since stopped flowing. Guests have since returned home, leaving to their memories the good times they had at the wedding ceremony of Naeto C, son of former Aviation Minister, Dr. Kema Chikwe.  It was indeed a grand day for the former minister who dug into the depth of her vast contacts to make her son’s day as remarkable and grand as it could ever be. Pre-eminent socialites made the wedding their convergence point for the day. And they could not have had a better hostess than Kema who ensured that everybody had a rollicking good time.

However, a few days after the grandiose fete, a spectacle unfolded to the consternation of friends and well-wishers.  Indeed, life is an irony. It is hard to fathom that a bowel that spews the deepest desires, often also emits the deadliest hate. Ask Larry Onuegbu, owner of Auto Lounge and Mega Point Autos, he knows.  It was gathered that the Porsche Cayenne SUV bought from Larry, which was presented to the couple by Dumebi Kachikwu, was a 2009 model, instead of the 2012 model of the same brand of SUV, Dumebi actually paid for.

At the topnotch wedding ceremony, which held a few days ago, the businessman had asked one of his beneficiaries, D-Banj, to present the car gift to Naeto-C and his new wife, Nicole, ostensibly because he didn’t want to be seen as being unnecessarily ostentatious. Dumebi, who was also at the wedding, noticed that the car was actually not a 2012 edition as claimed by Larry. Two days after the wedding, Dumebi asked that the wonder-on-wheels should be taken to the Porsche mart in Lagos after a suspicion that all is not well with the ‘new’ toy. It was discovered at the mart that the Porsche SUV was a 2009 model and not 2012 as Larry claimed. Also, it was said to have earlier been bought by a director of Zenith Bank and that after using it for sometime, Larry bought it off him. Larry, a street-wise dude, refurbished it, allegedly reduced the mileage and sold it to Dumebi, who is one of his major customers and who had earlier confided in him that it was a gift for a younger brother.

Trust is very delicate, and once broken, it is very difficult to re-establish. Just one act of unfaithfulness may erase years of good will, and when it ceases in a relationship, it is only a matter of time before the relationship rocks the boat. Alas! Larry was found out and predictably, he has been reduced to a whimpering school kid, running helter-skelter to salvage his friendship with Dumebi and business as well. And if feelers coming from Lagos are anything to go by, then the chord holding the friendship between Dumebi and controversy-prone Larry may have given way. The SUV is now with the Police at Special Anti Fraud Unit, Ikoyi, Lagos for further investigations.

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