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Kwara State task force threatens to impound vehicles without particulars

The Kwara State task force on vehicle particulars has threatened to impound any vehicle including state governments found not to have vehicle particulars and has assured to charged them according to law.

The task force which include police, Federal Road Safety Corps, Vehicle Inspection Officers and Staff of Kwara State Internal Revenue also inspected the vehicle convoys of the state governor to ensure the vehicle particulars are up to date.

The task force on vehicle particulars led by the Head of the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service, Dr. Murtala Awodun caught the motorists unaware as they move out to the roads stopping and checking the vehicle particulars of motorists.

The Chief of Staff to the governor, Abdul Wahab Yusuf who expressed surprised at the unscheduled visit of the committee called out to all the drivers in the convoy who in turn produced the updated vehicle particulars of the convoy vehicles.

“This is to tell all citizens that nobody is above the law. if the governor of the state can ensure that the particulars of his vehicles are duly registered and renewed as at when due, I think everybody should comply.

“This will also go a long way in telling associations especially our partners in the transport sector to please safe their drivers the embarrassment by making sure that they walk into the office and renew their documents and I want to tell the people that the proceeds will be judiciously utilized.’’

The leader of the team who expressed satisfaction with the correct and updated vehicle particulars of the governor’s convoy adding that since nobody is above the law, they have to start from the Government House.

He noted that 80 percent of the vehicles on Kwara roads do not have correct or updated vehicle particulars and this he said is affecting the revenue generation of the state which must be corrected.

“The essence of the enforcement we declared now is to ensure that everybody that is expected to pay one form of the tax or other comply. we have done a lot of advocacy in this regard.

“It is not to embarrass anybody but to enforce the law and make sure that people comply and that is why we have decided to start with the governor of the state.
looking through the fleet of cars in his entourage, we have seen that the vehicle particulars are okay and nobody is above the law and anybody stopped should cooperate”.

With the coming out of the task force on vehicle particulars, motorists in the state are expected to update their particulars to avoid embarrassment.

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