Kim Kardashian On Rumour Of Butt-Implant “Skin Condition Made Me To”

Over the years there have been rumours that the foreign reality Tv glamour, Kim Kardashian-West, has an implanted-butt that gives her backside flaunting shapes. Well, the 35-year-old finally react and revealed why she thinks that everyone is all up in her business about getting her ass worked on.

Kim pictured with an obvious indent on her butt
Kim pictured with an obvious indent on her butt

The mother of two and wife of Kanye West during a live stream on her subscription based app and website, disclosed that she has a skin condition called psoriasis which is why she has had to get several injections on her huge butt.
Psoriasis is a skin condition in which cells multiply up to 10 times faster than normal and build up to form itchy, dry patches and scales. It’s a baffling disorder that can be treated, but not permanently cured.
Kim added that her mother, Kris Jenner was the one who discovered that she had the skin disorder after noticing a rash on Kim’s leg.

Kim reveals her psoriasis-infected leg
Kim reveals her psoriasis-infected leg

“I went to go get a cortisone shot in my butt’, Kim revealed. ‘I lived right behind Kitson [the boutique in Los Angeles]. One of my neighbours was a dermatologist at Cedars.’
“I go in there and he’s like -There’s a one in a billion chance that you will get a huge indent in your butt.” Of course I get a huge indent on my butt.”
Kim believes that the implant rumours that have trailed her for years might have started when she was pictured on two separate occasions with the indent clearly visible through her dress.
Kim pictured with an obvious indent on her butt. Photo: Splash
Kim says she gets butt shots every few years and has learned to live with the condition as it no longer bothers her so much.
It is so unbelievable that a celebrated star like Kim could have a skin infection

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