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Keyamo Raises the Bar for Buhari

Human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Festus Keyamo would be opening another chapter both in his life and in the history of Nigerian politics going by his recent adventure.

The brilliant legal luminary who was recently enlisted amongst Nigeria’s privileged senior advocates SANs is the newest political strategist in town with his radical approach to political campaigning already sending jitters down the spines of opinion moulders, experienced big weights and political juggernauts alike.

The budding politician known for his daring attitude has began to shake the political terrain, once again, just as he shook the legal topography with his revolutionary style during his hey days as a rank and file lawyer.

The gangling social media crusader of note has no doubt changed the seemingly declining image perceptions of the incumbent President, Gen. Mohammodu Buhari rtd., in just weeks of his being appointed Director, Strategic Communications for the 2019 re-election bid.

Like a gallant soldier that he is, Keyamo who’s always passionate about everything he does has applied his mojo and no sooner he took center stage than his goodwill and reputation begin to yield positive results for the President’s reelection project.

Though, the crusade is obviously far from being a child’s play, the firebrand legal practitioner who has been described as a round peg in a round hole has vowed to give it all it takes to make sure the President’s reelection project is a success, “everything is at stake here, I’ve never failed and that’s why we must give it our all, me and my dedicated team of thoroughbred professionals drawn from relevant fields of human endeavours are up and equal to the task, the President must come back in 2019”, he declares.

Soundly equipped with an overwhelming oratory prowess, legal backings and loads of goodwill garnered from years of legal practice, it is therefore needless saying that, his formal declaration to go full blast on image laundering and unique approach for the 2019 political strategy for the President Buhari’s reelection has started giving oppositions sleepless nights even though there are no clear contenders in-view at the moment.

The man is leaving no stone unturned in making sure his principal, President Buhari’s image is protected and cleaned up in readiness for his second time bid by all means as he’s prepared to respond to even the perceived darkest areas his enemies think they can wield any stick.

In one of his monitored interviews where he was asked about the health, fitness and age of the President, Keyamo have this to say, “what are you talking about, the man has just been declared fit by his team of doctors recently, can’t you see how he’s looking of late, looking younger and fresh, at how old was the almighty Americans voted Donald Trump as president, tell me is he the oldest President, age is just a number and as for health and life, all belongs to God, haven’t we seen a younger President who died early before, was Abacha sick before he died”, he challenged his host.

Stating further, this is a man who Committee of African Presidents have been dimmed fit to lead them as the anti corruption Chairman based on his impressive track records in the anti corruption crusade and as if that’s not enough, the US President has also endorsed him as one of the greatest African Presidents, is this by mouth or by performance, please tell me, what else do one need to support his ambition in order to complete his good plans of ridding Nigeria of bad eggs.

The vocal lawyer stated further that, the spreading and drumming of hatred messages in town are just Babbel of voices of looters, bad losers and those the man have prevented from drawing freely and recklessly from the nation’s purse, he nailed it finally.

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