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KAYODE SALAKO CONFESSES “I am Getting Married to Foluke Daramola Very Soon”

His relationship, platonic or otherwise, with voluptuous and well frontally-endowed actress, Foluke Daramola has been the talk in town for months now, but no one could define the exact status of the relationship. Well, that Kayode Salako of the Fasholamania fame stepped out with this beautiful and single mother of two at an event weeks back must be stale news by now. A fresh angle to the d’alliance between the two is that Kayode Salako has come out in very unambiguous terms that his love for Foluke is eternal and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Very re-assuring is the fact that Foluke herself admitted this much in a brief chat with her.


The big news is that Kayode Salako, a Lagos Big Boy by all standards, has commenced preparations to cement the relationship via a grand wedding and reception in about a couple of months to come, and this we can tell you is authoritative, as the information came out from the horse’s mouth himself when we had a lengthy discourse with him at the premises of his vast expanding schools, Bosworth International College, based at Bode Onifade Street in Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos. Hear him, “Forget about all the stories you have been reading about me and Foluke in the past. The fact is that we started out as mutual friends, but along the line, our chemistry clicked and as human beings with emotional feelings, we could not just help falling in love with each other. It was a natural development and we do not have any apology to make for our affection, fondness, passion, amour and likeness for each other. My love for Foluke is eternal and very soon I will be taking her to the altar as soon as my separation from my wife is fully concretised and done with. If Kayode Salako and Foluke  Daramola are in love, no one should blame them or raise any eye brow. The reason is that, we are both adults and are both at liberty to take their decision without minding whose ox is gored. That is why we came out at the event to express physically in bold terms that all speculations should be laid to rest about our romance which is very tight. I am now for the umpteenth time maintaining, confirming and declaring my untainted love for Foluke and no one can change that. Of course, we met through the Fasholamania project and from there our paths crossed romantically but it was a gradual ascension from mutual platonic friends, to trial emotional lovers, then to a very serious romance which will soon crystallize into a lasting union maritally. Besides, we are both career individuals with flourishing concerns and jobs and so we can not pose any financial burden or stress to ourselves. Meanwhile, as it is being speculated in many quarters, my matrimonial problem has no link whatever with Foluke Daromola, because my wife willing packed out of my house over two months ago, on a very flimsy and baseless reason that my family members were after her life, and that she no longer feels safe with me. I don’t have any grudge with her because this world is a free world; if someone is not safe, as she claims, in a marriage or any union for that matter, the best option is to opt out of the union, and that is exactly what she has done. I wish her well; as I will never shirk in my responsibility to the children she bore for me. My focus now is on my schools, my NGOs and of course my new sweetheart whom I dedicated my recent award to at the CAMA 2012 Awards in Lagos. I don’t know why people are raising eyebrows about two consenting adults who find love, comfort and fondness in themselves. Foluke and I have virtually everything in common, apart from the very convincing fact that we are both mentally, spiritually, religiously, socially, ethnically and emotionally compatible. What else would a man want in a woman who is good, well-focused and intelligent, and above all a profound and consummate actress with a good university education from OAU, Ile-Ife? She is also one of the few prolific female actresses who direct films and movies. All she deserves is happiness, fulfillment and peace of heart, which she has no doubt found in me and I vice-versa. Maybe by the time we seal our relationship with marital vows, those who have been running their mouths will shut up and find other things to do’’. Kayode Salako concluded. Watchers of the development must definitely be counting time for the two until the relationship veers into marriage.

Recall that months back, Kayode Salako, the man behind Fasholamania vehemently denied the tale trailing him that he was in a romantic relationship with Nollywood top actress, Foluke Daramola. The debonair owner of Bosworth International Group of Schools said then that he had nothing to do with Foluke romantically, as the two of them are only logged in NGO activities. Kayode championed the Fasholamania campaign structure that ensured a second term for Gov. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN). What else can we say, but to wish them luck now that they have come out against all odds to confess their love, with a view to tying the nuptial knot in a not too distant future, even as Kayode is championing another NGO called Change Agents for Nigeria (CAN). Foluke Daramola was once married to Mr. Sobowale with two kids after the marriage crashed irretrievably; while Kayode’s first wife allegedly moved out of his house with three kids claiming that Kayode’s family is after her life. Now, the coast seems to be clear for the two love birds, Kayode and Foluke, as they no longer have encumbrances. We are waiting for their invites to the much anticipated wedding which obviously will draw attention from the media, the entertainment world and the society in general.


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