Jonathan Is Now Ready To Divide The Country Into Seven -Primate Theophilus Olabayo

Famously known in the corridors of power, as Nigeria’s prophet of doom, Primate Theophilus Olabayo the General Overseer of The Evangelical Church of Yahweh which is based in Lagos, but with parishes across Nigeria, West Africa, Europe and America, celebrated his fortieth year in the ministry recently.  At the end of the celebrations, the primate who is known for his fulfilling prophecies, rolled out some much troubling prophecies, which as usual, relates to current states of things in the nation and as it affects it internationally. He spoke to Ayo Davids.

Forty years of your church’s participation in the growth of this nation, how has it been?
I thank God because my ministry has experienced various ups and downs. I must praise everyone who is presently living in this country at this present time. These are perilous times; I have predicted all the things that are presently happening, but the leaders did not listen. Even when it concerned their personal lives, they did not listen.
During the time that President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida removed the ban on politics, and MKO Abiola came to me to say he wanted to contest, I told him that God said he should not contest. Well, he went ahead and we all saw what came out of it. When Yar’adua came on, I said he should pray hard that I saw him sick and that the sickness would lead to his death. Instead of him looking for solution, they told me then that I am a prophet of doom. But the prophecy came to pass, or did it not?
They said Jonathan cannot be president. I said it that he will be president even long before Yar’Adua was dead. I predicted the rise of Boko Haram that will characterize the reign of Jonathan, terrorism, killings and suffering that he is not the messiah, that he should do some certain prayers that could avert these calamities. He refused, instead, he packed all manner of fake religious men of God and like Abacha period, they are parading Aso Rock. Soon we shall see the end of it.
Please tell Jonathan that his days in Aso Rock are numbered! He should have gone since; it is the prayers of those who God pities, that is keeping him there till now. Tell him that the sickness inside his wife’s body is still there. It is not gone yet. The sickness was planted there by the women who are patronizing her now. She was actually poisoned and it is still there. She will still have to go for operation. Tell Jonathan he has prayers to do, to avert him being bereaved soon.
I know like before, they will not hear. But my duty is to say it anyway.  If he had listened and done the prayers that he is supposed to have done, though there would have been mild terrorism to fulfill God’s word’s, God would have taken it away and reconditioned the country because God loves a penitent heart. But a stubborn heart, God will have nothing to do with such a person.
Jonathan’s stubbornness is the result of what we have today, which I long predicted. Now we have terrorism, killings, and the worst is even yet to come because, there will be a jihad soon. What is happening now is a child’s play; Jonathan has to be very careful so that this country will not be divided into seven countries. My prayer right now is that this country should not be divided. I hope that God will listen to His elects who are presently praying fervently, to avert more calamities. But God is annoyed with Jonathan for his stubbornness. Jonathan is looking for solution where there is none. It is unfortunate that he is surrounded by prayer contractors who are not telling him the truth.
You criticized Abacha, the military generally. Now you are criticizing the civilians, which of the two governments is better from what we have seen now?
People say that the worst civilian rule is better than the military. But to my reasoning, the IBB regime and even the Abacha era, was not as bad as what the civilians are doing now. The political era as we have had it so far, has been very wasteful, people go into government to steal, and they are accumulating billions of naira, a situation that has now led to anarchy which has already begun. Where will they spend the money, what’s the use of accumulating money that you will not spend or your children will not spend? Most of the money that they are accumulating will be spend by other countries, which will be used to develop their own countries. Nigerian leaders have been very foolish because of their greed.
If the military was better, why did you attack them will prophecy of doom?
I am a prophet of God, so I have to deliver my message. IBB had a listening ear. The civilian governments we have now don’t have a listening ear, a time is coming soon that this government will start arresting people, and they will soon start clamping down on opposition because they don’t want to hear the truth.
Before Boko Haram arose, I prophesied it. When Abacha started his reign of madness, some leaders came to me and I told them that if Abacha does not change, that God will remove him. And the same message goes to Jonathan now. If he does not repent and change his ways, what happened to those leaders will happen to him soon. Before his wife got sick, I prophesied it that I saw his wife sick. His wife later came to say that she died severally. The sad news is that I still see a major operation coming in near future for her. Both of them were insulting us then that we were telling lies. A prophet like me cannot lie; I say the mind of God so that people can repent. As for fake prophets, we’ll know the truth when the time comes.
Now that Boko Haram has rejected amnesty, what do you see coming up next?
To start with, we are sitting on a keg of powder. These are perilous times; Jonathan needs to seek the face of God, he is being presently guided by prayer contractors. The man doesn’t listen to good counsel. There are people who are deliberately bringing instability and disaffection into the populace. We are almost in a war situation. He first said Boko Haram is faceless, so how is a faceless organization going to collect money and receive amnesty? It doesn’t make sense.
Do you see the country going into war with itself?
There will be no war because of the intervention of people like us.
Generally are you impressed by the role that church leaders are playing at this present time?
Everybody, even church leaders want to steal, to be known, they are looking for oil blocs, they are looking for jets, this is the jet age for preachers. It is now left for the people to ask and see whether religious leaders are playing worthy roles or not.
Forty years of your church, how far has the church achieved?
I have to thank God because we started from nowhere, and God raised us up to somewhere, it is not our own making. It is God. We are going far, we have church in many places, home and abroad, we are working harder to extend the gospel of Christ. Jesus will soon come, the day He will come, nobody knows.
Do you see election taking place in 2015?
I have said it that we are heading for anarchy, a situation where the expected election will have a great problem. To start with, the present religious crisis will persist all over the country. Those who are preparing to campaign should be ready to witness problems. PDP will try once again to rig the election and there will be great trouble that will threaten the unity of Nigeria. The period will witness much kidnapping and lots of political assassinations.
They will soon start targeting themselves because I see a lot of politicians dying. God’s vengeance is going to come upon the country. I’m feeling for Jonathan’s life but my advice is that we should try to be our brother’s keeper in Nigeria. That will help us a long way, carrying money abroad should stop, stealing money to go and invest abroad should stop, let us invest in our country and let it grow. Let us come together so that we can have a united Nigeria.
Now that you have a solution, what if the president wants to get the solution from you?
He will not: he is contented with those that are lying to him, his prayer contractors. The Nigerian government doesn’t like the truth. They work with sycophants.
Some people are saying that the labour groups have been unusually quiet in the face of all the happenings in the country, what do you say?
The labour groups I perceive have been bought over, and I pray that the same fate does not befall the media. However, there is still going to be a series of strikes soon. Jonathan’s tolerance for opposition will start to reduce. Kidnappings, bombings and other terrorist acts will persist.
The presidency is pointing accusing finger at Retired General Buhari, what is your assessment of this?
Buhari is a gentleman; I do not expect him to be involved in such. We need people like Buhari in this country. The presidency should be more serious at tackling our problems. Soon, the poor will face the rich, and all the riches that the rich has acquired, will be wasted in destruction. The president should be wise now before the anarchy escalates and a revolution replaces peace. Though by the special grace of God, it will only affect the enemies of the country and God will avert total war. However, ethnic killings to some degree will take place because the government will not listen until they start seeing this predictions start to take place in full force.
The senate president recently called for death sentence for oil thieves, he is further more drumming support for it. Do you agree with him?
Is it only for oil thieves, no, it should go for all corrupt government officials too. They condemn police men who collect N20 and N100, how about the politicians that are carting away billions of naira? Does it make sense? It should apply to everybody, the president, governors, and religious leaders too.

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  1. All that this man needs is attention and money from Jonathan. It’s very obvious that the man needs serious attensiin and money from Jonathan. According to him all the men of God around Jonathan are fakes he’s the only genuine man of God. I thought the bible advise us not to condemn?

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