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Is Death A Better Promoter?


Strategy is required in every business to promote sales, brand and to also increase the popularity of product, good, idea or service of the individual.
The entertainment world are not left out of such trick as the death rumor of a fast raising Nigerian artist fills the country like flame.
An online publication, HF Magazine has just confirmed that the fast-rising Nigerian singer, Abbey Elias, popularly called Skiibi is not dead, but only framed his own death to promote his coming song.
The article, published by the admin of the site ( ) on August 14 with the tittle “Skiibii – The Sudden Death and Resurrection That Went Viral” reads;
“I had no clue who he was, but all it took to get my attention was the RIP status of fast rising music talent Skiibii, trending on social media. He clearly had a promising career. Only yesterday, he was promoting his new music with record label mate Harrysong. He had just released a new video, and Skiibii was set to set to make his mark in the music scene.
“I looked at the pictures his colleagues had put up, and thought he was good looking too.
“As expected, it hit home, death always has its way of invading our thoughts, even when we barely know the victim.

picture of skiibii faking his own death
picture of skiibii faking his own death

“My heart particularly went out to him, when Wizkid, MI and other artistes posted pictures with and of him. Wizzy’s caption read, “All he wanted was to be happy”.
“Yes, it got to me that this young lad, about the age of 22, had slumped and passed. Before long, he was the talk of the town and seemingly everybody loved Skiibii.
“The news of Skiibii’s death had worked its magic. The Fivestar Music act became the number one topic on social media, his music was playing on the radio and he had gained major popularity.
“Like me, many who didn’t know him, now knew his name and had become his fans.
“Suddenly, events took an interesting turn. Alas, young Skiibii wasn’t dead at all. He had allegedly been revived, after he collapsed and was feared dead. The resurrection of young Skiibii is now the new topic of discussion going viral.
“People are talking and without a doubt, it’s a thin line between love and disgust. In fact, popular blogger Linda Ikeji calls the saga ‘a sick publicity stunt‘ if it was actually staged. I found it hilarious that she posted another story defending herself for breaking the false news.
“Let’s face it; we all got played! Skiibii’s death prank might be a ‘joke gone too far’, but maybe it was the only way to get our attention, and get mentioned in all the blogs who ordinarily overlooked his new music.
“Be it the knack to break news without proper confirmation or the tendency to love and appreciate people more when they are dead, many of us were a big part of spreading the #RIPSkiibii trend.
“Personally, I am more relieved that he is alive, than curious about what exactly transpired. However, I hope for the sake of his career, that someone from his team comes up with a good excuse for this confusion.
“If you ask me though, I think the worst is over, because if Skiibii can survive death, then he can survive anything. I just hope the song takes him far, else, he’ll have to come up with a better prank to get our attention next time.
The question is; is death a better strategy to attract fans or sales.
Anyway, like the article’s author rightly said, hope the coming song is worth the propaganda.

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