International Health Risk Map outlines Nigeria and others as most dangerous places for health care

InterSOS_HealthRiskMap 2015_1000x700_CS6.inddA map of the riskiest destinations for contracting an illness or being involved in an accident has been published by health organisation International SOS.
The Health Risk Map 2015 ranks destinations in five categories include, low risk, medium risk, high risk and extreme risk, with another category for large, rapidly developing countries.
Expectedly, Africa has highest number of extreme and high risk countries with South Africa, Algeria and Morocco on the medium risk. Nigeria is ranked along countries like Egypt, Ghana, Angola, Mauritania and others.
By High risk according to the report, are countries with limited medical capabilities. Emergency services and dental care may be basic. Access to quality prescription drugs may be limited and, in some cases, counterfeiting and/or improper storage of drugs is an issue. Serious infectious diseases such as typhoid, cholera, dengue fever and malaria may pose a threat. Medical assistance: Selection of best care available Case monitoring. Transfer to a higher quality facility. Any condition requiring hospitalisation may require international evacuation.

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