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India arrests Nigerian Okafor with $525K of narcotics

A Nigerian drug trafficker has been arrested in Gujarat India, with narcotics worth over $525,000.
The 27 year-old Nigerian identified as Chinedu Peter Okafor was travelling from Delhi to Goa when he was nabbed on the Madgoan Rajdhani Express train.
He had frequented the route and triggered suspicions before his arrest by operatives of the Narcotics Control Bureau.

Chinedu Peter Okafor: arrested in India for drugs
Both The Times of India and said upon searching the Nigerian an assortment of drugs was found on him, hidden in his bag and shoes. Found was 843gm of methamphetamine, 255gm of cocaine and 65 gm of ecstasy tablets.

The hidden drug found on Okafor
The street value of the drugs, was estimated at 3.5Crores, about $525,000.
Indian law enforcement agents have repeatedly arrested Nigerians in connection with drug trafficking and fraud in the country, bringing huge shame to Nigerians in that country and at home.

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