IGP Takes War to Doorsteps of Civil, Public Servants (Anti-Corruption)

There are indications that the furry clampdown on corrupt individuals will be more furious in closer days.
This was an index from the Nigerian Police Force when it disclosed plan to extend its war against corruption to civil and public servants who have corrupt tendencies at both the federal, state and local government levels in the latter months.
This development followed the Inspec¬tor General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris merging the X-Squad unit with the Complaint Response Unit (CRU) of the force and em¬powered them to search for , and get corrupt civil and public servants arrested.
It would be recalled that the IGP during his inaugu¬ral speech did not hide his deep hate for corruption. He therefore vowed to put the necessary machineries in place to get both the men and officers of the Force and public/civil servants who are corrupt arrested and ensure they are dealt with in accordance with the law.
The merging of the X-Squad and the CRU is the first step in that direction.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with The AU¬THORITY in Abuja, the Officer- in- Charge of the CRU, Abayomi Shogunle, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), disclosed that plans have been con¬cluded for the unit to start hunting for public and civil servants who have the pen-chant of carting away re¬sources meant for the pub¬lic.
“Since the IGP, Ibrhaim Idris, has approved that the X-Squad should be part of the responding agents of CRU, then we should be ready to see recoveries of looted funds and appre¬hension of public and civil servants who abuse their office.
“Just as we have seen the recovery of 2.75 million naira from an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), such recoveries will not be limited to the Ni¬geria Police Force alone; it will be extended to public servants at the federal, state and local government lev¬els,” he disclosed.
Explaining how the ACP was arrested and the bribe money recovered from him, Shogunle said: “The complaints came in through a phone call and therefore it was referred to X- Squad for investigation.
“At the course of the in¬vestigation, the X -Squad found out that the com¬plaint as reported actually happened and the 2.75 mil¬lion naira bribe money was recovered.
“All the laid down disci¬plinary processes to be fol¬lowed are being followed and very soon we should conclude on this very case. Let me also add that the person who gave the bribe is being charged to court as well by the relevant govern¬ment agencies.”
Shogunle therefore called on Nigerians to report to the CRU any public or civil servant they suspected to be engaging in corrupt practices for immediate in¬vestigation and arrest.
While saying that impu¬nity among officers and men of the police force has drastically reduced, the CRU Chief expressed op¬timism that with the recent training of the officers of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), the image of the Force will further im¬prove.
“The training on human right and police relations of SARS officers across the country which was orga¬nized by the Nigeria Police Force and Nigeria Unite Against Terror is a welcome development.
“This is because we have discovered from the data the CRU has gathered over time that capacity building of police officers goes a long way in making them to be more professional which in turns reflect on how they carry out their duties. This also gives little room for complaint from members of the public.
“So, with this kind of training where the police officers are reminded of what is expected of them, we are optimistic that train¬ing like this will make offi¬cers to be more profession¬al and in turn reduce the frequency of complaints against them,” he noted.
Responding to a ques¬tion on the recent report released by the Amnesty International title ‘you have signed your death warrant’, Shogunle dismissed the report saying that it lacks the necessary evidence and proofs to be taken serious.
He emphasised that he is not worried about the re¬port because, according to him, Amnesty Internation¬al already have a template of how they write their re¬port all over the world.
“Let us also bear it in mind that, it seems, Am¬nesty Internatioal have a pattern of reporting not only in Nigeria but across the world. If you check their report all over the world, you will see that they have a template for their report, no matter what you do, that template will still be pushed out for reasons best known to them.
“However, one thing is clear, torture is not part of policing in Nigeria, it is not allowed. Nigeria Police don’t encourage the use of torture. We have other stat¬utory oversight agencies in Nigeria that x-ray the ac¬tivities of the Nigeria Police Force. From time to time they do visit our facilities and we partner with them.”
He, however, revealed that the IGP has given ap¬proval for the translation and printing of the CRU handbill and posters in dif¬ferent languages for better understanding by Nigeri¬ans in all parts of the coun¬try.
“They have been translat¬ed to local languages so as to make people that cannot read English language get information regarding the CRU. IGP Ibrahim Idris has given approval for this.
“In the coming days, the IGP will launch the sensi¬tization campaign which is expected to cover all the local government areas in the country and emphasis and focus on the grass root so that they can be aware of the avenue provided by the Nigeria Police for members of the public to make their complaints known to the police authorities,” he said.

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