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-Traced to lover’s nest

The wife of a top Igbo millionaire is currently swimming in a monumental adultery mess, that is if the information reaching us is anything to go by. The woman who, we gathered, has a shop in the popular Alade Market in Lagos, and lives in Omole Estate (also in Lagos) is a mother of five and hails from Imo State, just like her husband.

The husband is into big time business and owns one of the biggest hotels in the South East. As for the identity of the igbo businessman and multimillion, the alphabet, M begins his name, while alphabet S starts the woman’s name.

Married for 19 years now, the woman’s grey KIA jeep was said to have traced to Ilupeju, Lagos on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 where she had allegedly gone to meet a lover. But before leaving her house that night around 11pm, she had told one of her daughters that she was going to buy fuel and suya as a decoy.

Her husband, however, was said to have got wind of this while in London where he had gone for treatment. But, now back in the country, their marriage has been on the verge of total collapse due to the adultery allegation being leveled against the woman, whom we gathered, lacked nothing, courtesy of her stupendously rich husband who lavished her with good things of life, both cash and kind, according to insiders.

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