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I started war against corruption before President Buhari- Ras Kimino

Ras Kimono
Ras Kimono

Music in all forms has been a channel for expression; to influence opinion , make image and fight battles at times, it as well moulds and moderates opinion of the listeners. One among the Musicians that use music as a satire is the reggae master, Ras Kimono.
Ras kimono in a chat with Olawole Olusanya at the Classic African Merit Award, CAMA, recently said President Buhari was not the first to take up the battle against corruption but only joined him, late activist and legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and some other aged musicians who had tirelessly fought against corrupt government officials in the country through their music.
” I’ve been fighting that corruption before this president came out to join me. they are only joining us to carry on what we’ve been fighting, they are joining us to agree that yes there is corruption in Nigeria and what they do now is helping us to pronounce it.
“They are joining us not that we are joining them” Kimono noted.
Speaking on the new generation in the music industry in the country, Kimono said it is all about time and change is the only thing that happens constantly.
” Time comes time changes even in America, Europe and other countries, it’s the same. It’s their time and it tells me in the next couple of years it’ll change again.
“Sometime it was all about reggae music in Nigeria and after that it became more of sukwus (makosa) after that its pure gospel and it’s like we all are holy-holy people.
“Now its Hip-Hop and the likes, everything revolves you know, it comes back again and comes back again round the world” He said with smiles.

Ras Kimono receiving Award
Ras Kimono receiving Award

Though not against the new prosperous generation in the industry, the reggae star, who also bagged an award at the event, urged the broadcast media to always censor tracks they air as some are not worth airing.
Ras, who said he has been in the studio working very hard, disclosed that he will soon release another album which is yet to be given a title.

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