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Mosun Filani is one of the beautiful faces in Nollywood today whose artistic disposition can not be ignored. Aside that she is beautiful; Mosun is another woman in the Yoruba genre of the entertainment industry in Nigeria who has amiable disposition. Though, she has not had a fair deal  of media hype in the past due to the fact that, she was so engrossed in her job where she is doing well, totally neglecting that section of the media to re-address her issues.  In this no-holds-barred interview with ALONGE MICHAEL, she explains everything about her, the media and of course, the latest rumour in town, her hubby, Kayode Oduoye, the Shalom Kay’s boss. Enjoy your reading….


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on my latest flick, Iya Maako. It’s a movie that will shake this industry to a halt. I’m featuring a whole lot of big people in the industry. People like Yinka Quadri, Peju Ogunmola, Dele Odule, etc, it’s a star-studded movie.

How much are you spending on this new project?

I’m not spending much but I have a budget of N7m.

How many movies have you shot since you came into the industry?

I have shot four movies within my short period of time in the industry. I have also featured in several movies that I’ve even lost count of it.

What’s the magic wand; you have become a toast of every movie producer?

There is no big deal about the number of movies I’ve shot. It’s only the grace of God and my ability to have been able to interpret the scripts very well. You see, when God is with you, no matter how bad people tend to hate you, you’ll be excelling. So, it’s God that’s in control of my life and achievement in the industry, not man.

Would say your beauty has a part to play in that too?

If one is beautiful and one doesn’t have the ability to deliver, of what use is the beauty? It’s the passion that drives me into it, it’s the ability to get it right that has been making me hold sway.

With the influx of ugly, bad and fair movies in the industry, what do you think can be done to curb these excesses?

I think the first step should be from the marketers. They should limit the number of movies they release and number of times they release them. Then we talk about piracy, this is another menace that has to be curbed. In this aspect, the government needs to play a significant role by getting involved in fighting this menace that has become a dreadful disease in the industry.

How much did you spend on your last movie?

I didn’t spend much; I spent less than two Million Naira.

Obviously you must have gotten all the money back?

Of course, if you shoot a very good movie, you will get your money. But it is not as if you are going to get it the way you are supposed to get it. You will still get it and all you have to do is to save your capital first. Then for example, if you are supposed to get five naira, you may get two naira fifty kobo, can you see the difference? If you are not careful, you won’t get anything at all. But in my own case, God has been so faithful to us and I give Him all the praise!

Aside movies, is there any other thing you are into?

Not yet but very soon, I’m going into something. I don’t want to disclose it now until it materializes.

What kind of business is that?

I don’t want to talk about it for now

What do you see about motherhood?

Motherhood is a beautiful thing for every woman to experience, it is something every woman on earth looks forward to and to experience motherhood, there are steps to take, steps that will lead you to that direction.

A lot of celebrity marriages hardly stand the test of time; what do you think is wrong?

Like the general saying, if you rush into a marriage, you rush out. There are so many factors that could cause that which I can’t say much about; it all depends on individual personality. I don’t think celebrity marriages should crash if the foundation is based on trust. If you love and trust your spouse, no matter what anyone says about him or her, you would just laugh over it together.

Now that you’re married, how long do you intend to stay in the marriage?

How long? Once you are married, you are married for life. Once I’m married, I’m married for life. I’m not going to come out of it until death do us part.

Can you share the person you’re married to with us?

Well, I have my own man and I’m so glad I have him. His name is Kayode Oduoye.

For how long did you date?

A lot of people don’t know this; but we dated for almost two years before we consummated in marriage.

What was the attraction when you met him?

Well, the attraction is something I can’t really state because it’s a mutual feeling. But I must confess that one thing that first struck me about him was his handsomeness, his smiles and the dark complexion.  I’ve always said it, if you go through any of my interviews; I always say I want a black man. My husband is black and handsome with a good dress sense. (Laughter)

What are those things you don’t like about him?

There is nothing I don’t like about him. Everything about my husband is okay.

I’m sure you know he’s not a perfect being?

Of course, he’s not but loving someone is not loving him because he’s perfect but loving his imperfection too. So, there is nothing imperfect about him.

Are you a good cook?

Of course!

Does he love food?

Yes, good food and he loves my culinary prowess too

What mood would you get into when he’s not in town for two weeks?

If he’s not around, his presence is always around me and we communicate every minute that passes by.

A lot of nasty things have been written about you, which ones are not true and which ones pained you the most?

Well, no man can claim to rise above fallibility. But I’m telling you today that everything written about me in the media both the print and online is subjective and not objective. You and I have been together for a while now, I’m very sure if I’m that bad a person, you would have noticed. One thing I know is that, whatever hurt or evil a man does to his fellow being, no matter how long it takes, nemesis will catch up and when it does, it will be too late to ask for forgiveness. Though, the kind of business we do is attached to things like this, notwithstanding, I have not had a fair treatment from the media. There was an issue of a media friend who wanted me to witness his award and I couldn’t just make it because I was busy working; he took me as an enemy since then and has started writing rubbish about me. Well, I leave everything to God to judge, only God has the right to judge people and not man. But everything written about me is not true.

Even that you are married is even untrue?

Well as for that, I just had my traditional wedding and it was an impressive family gathering

How was it like?

It was splendid and it went well as we planned it.

How and where?

We did the normal family thing called introduction. We held the traditional wedding in Ibadan in my family’s place.

Did he prostrate with his friends and family?

Of course, he performed every marriage rite.

Who and who came with him?

His mother, father, his family, his friends and others.

How did his parents react, knowing you’re the one their son is engaged to?

Wow, the mother loves me and I adore her too. His mum is my mum now likewise his dad. His brothers and sisters are mine. We are now one and I am happy to have such a wonderful family as in-laws.

You are the second wife, I guess?

No, not at all, I didn’t meet anyone at home. He has long separated from his wife legally before I met him. There are documents that can tell all about that. Besides, my husband is a lawyer by training, he knows and understands the implications of not being divorced and be married to another woman. These are what the media do not know but how many people do we relate this with.

So you are the only legal wife now?

Yes oo, I’m the only apple of his eyes.

How many children do you want to have?

We don’t count children in Yoruba culture.

When will the white wedding come up?

Just watch out, when it’s time I will let you know.

What dictates your dress sense?

The occasion and environment. I wear anything that will make me look good and something that won’t expose my body. I just want to look good and simple.

That’s a diamond ring on your finger; your hubby got you that?

Yes o, it’s my engagement ring.

How much does that cost?

Why do you want to know that? Very expensive you know. (laughter)

Your smile is so tempting and inviting, how do you manage pressure from men?

By the special grace of God, I’ve been able to handle them well. When they call to say hi, I respond to them too in a friendly manner but if I notice that you’re trying to go further, I cut off the phone.

For a stubborn one like me; what would you do?

I will totally blacklist you.

If you were asked to change something about your husband, what would you love to change?

The only thing I would love to change about him is his appetite for Corn (Agbado), he loves it with a passion and I wonder where such love for that kind of food came from.

Romantically, what percentage would you give him?


And you?

100% too.

No, you won’t be the one to tell me that, I think your husband should

Ok! Ask him then.

What’s your last word?

Well, I just want to say that I love my friends and fans that have stood by me all these years. I want to implore them to continue praying for me and I’m not going to disappoint them reeling out good movies. Despite all the bad press and nasty reports about me yet they never stopped loving me for once, may God love and appreciate their hand work too.

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  1. Mosun, so you were in fornication for two years with Kayode before you finally came out of it by getting married to him, is that right? Thank God for His Mercies towards you that prevented you from dying in fornication. You would be in hell now. Hell is a reality and for eternity. Flee its damnation to come now by coming to repentance to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Go to God in prayers, acknowledging your sins before Him and pleading with Him to wash you clean of them with the precious blood of His dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. For further help, visit any branch of Deeper Life Bible Church.

  2. Belove Sis, I wish u app married life. I pray dat God wil give u knowledge 2 play ur role as a gud wife in ur hubby house cheers

  3. Terfa jato or wat do u call urself?? U must be very DUMB!! If u dnt know wat to write, y not just shut ur mouth??? Read well b4 writing anyfin?? She said she courted for 2years!! And wats d fornicatn here?? Guess u must be sick and I mean very sick!

  4. Mosun Filani Olaide Bakare & Dayo Amunsa u re my tast ni move indorssty u re d gold diamond & sliver of my neck. Mosun filani u re d necklace gold of my neck. Olaide bakare re d diamond bangus of my writh hand zid. Y dayo amunsa wars d renbo silver of my leef hand zid. U all 3nity Hunnnne god bles urs world.

  5. U are cute mosun. I like watching ur movies and d ones you feature, may be because am an artist too. keep it up. But pls mosun, mak sure u keep ur marriage tight. Female stars loose their homes in no time, i beliv you know dat? And nobody knos why. Tak care…

  6. U are cute mosun. I like watching ur movies and d ones you feature, may be because am an artist too. keep it up. But pls mosun, mak sure u keep ur marriage tight. Female stars loose their homes in no time, i beliv you know dat? And nobody knos why. Let God lead you.

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