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How OBJ backed SARAKI to emerge senate president

objThat Senator Abubakar Olubukola Saraki is now the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is now a stale news, as he has fully assumed office as the number three citizen of the country; but the many intrigues and politricks that surrounded his emergence as Senate President cannot simply be wished away, given the internal wrangling and super power play involved from all blocs in the scenario.
News of the people, in the course of its investigation, scooped that it was actually the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo who used his might and staying power in the political arena of Nigeria, to influence Saraki’s emergence as the Senate President of the eighth National Assembly. How do we mean?
Recall that the All Progressives Congress, APC, never wanted the candidature of Saraki as the Senate President, and had actually, through a mock election picked Senator Ahmad Lawan, who is seen and believed to be a puppet of the APC leadership and may not likely be able to steer the business of the Senate impartially, there were grudges and disapprovals from different quarters, even as Saraki was still adamant on going ahead with his Senate-president ambition.
Along the line, and with the intensity of Ahmad Lawan’s likely ascension to the Senate Presidency, a former governor of Oyo State, Senator Rasheed Ladoja, sensing that it was obvious that the APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu and his click in the party and the Senate might hijack the Senate, with Ahmad Lawan’s adoption, he (Ladoja) quickly put a call to former President Obasanjo, who was then abroad, and brought his attention to the unfolding scenario, especially on the issue of who becomes the Senate president. His concern, according to sources, was that if Tinubu was not called to order by OBJ concerning the matter, he might begin to use his influence to intimidate political leaders in the south west and hold on to the leadership of the National Assembly to step on the toes of his ‘perceived’ enemies in the region, who might include Baba himself. This analogy, as presented by Ladoja, somehow, Dr.-Bukola-Saraki1-300x195seemed plausible to OBJ and pronto he put a call to former Senate President, David Mark and other powerful PDP members still in the Senate, according to sources, to work in unison to ensure that the PDP members in the Senate join hands to back Saraki as the Senate President. It was actually one of OBJ’s boys in the Senate, Andy Uba who actually did the horse-trading in favour of Saraki, but with a proviso or condition that a PDP Senator would also be made the Deputy Senate President.
And this was how the former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremandu came into the picture, being someone with enormous experience in the Senate as a leader and who will now form a balance in the emerging leadership of the Senate. And before one could blink an eye, even while the APC Leadership and their NASS members-elect were in far away ICC, Abuja, holding talks to address the situation on hand, Senators David Mark, Andy Uba, Ike Ekweremandu and other PDP Senators went into action and the senate presidency fell unanimously and unopposed on the laps of obviously elated Bukola Saraki, while that of his Deputy, as agreed equally went to Ike Ekweremandu unopposed too.
Unfortunately, many of the APC Senators who were clandestinely rooting for Senator Ahmad Lawan were not visibly on ground in the chambers when the grand design took place, and no doubt they were beaten to their game as Tinubu and his click are always wont to do. Who says former President Obasanjo can not turn back the hand of the clock for selfish political leaders, who always want to eat their cake and have it.
Bola Tinubu must be sulking now, just as the Chairman of APC, John Oyegun is making all efforts to resolve the festering crisis. The political irrelevance facing Ahmed Bola Tinubu is no doubt in sight. This obviously is not the end of the whole power tussle.

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