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How Lola Alao’s New hubby Spent term in Kuwait Jail


In the last few years, Lola Alao’s love life has been a matter of public debate. From controversial divorce to question of  infidelity scandal,Lola recently came into public consciousness once again when she announced penultimate week she got married in far away Alanta, USA. Shortly after the wedding was celebrated in the social media, busy bodies soon began to dig into the credibility of the marriage and the outcome on the hubby is quite revealing.

The man Olawale Ajibola

He is well known as Yakubu who used to  live with his elder brother in California. Those who know him well alleged that he has no tangible mean of livelihood, a claim that made him to live with his brother. A source simply described him as those often refer to as “faworaja”. Not long ago when his brother was fed up with his lifestyle he was thrown out as a result he left for Houston in Texas to hustle. He was said to have left Houston in annoyance when he could not made ends meet. There and then, he was alleged to have joined a gang of credit card scammers which landed him in the Middle East, Kuwait in particular. In Kuwait, he was arrested on suspicion of fraud known as ‘track 1, track 2’and was said to have spent a year in the Arab jail.

 Lola was said to have actually got to know him right from the time in the prison and was said to have been very supportive. Such support as running to islamic marabouts to help Yakubu get his life back. Getting back to the US, he was equally accommodated in his uncle’s home where Lola joined him for the questionable wedding.

Yakubu’s past love

It was said that Yakubu has never been married but has three kids from two women, among them is a set of twins.

Lola’s  Past

This is Lola’s second attempt in marriage as her last attempt to remarry failed before fruition. Her first marriage was to a US based car dealer, Dare whom she married in 2002. They separated after few years they  both had a daughter. Omowunmi who is now 10. Four years ago, Lola made attempt to remarry but was thwarted by Dare when he got wind of it

By Mosun Usman. 

Ex- Husband’s Allegations

The controversy over adultery allegations leveled against  actress, Lola Alao by her former husband reached a dramatic climax, with the Yoruba lady confessing that she was compelled to indulge in the marriage wrecking conduct. News of the People presents her reasons, along with her husband’s rather strong allegations as reported in 2009. Excerpts

Can you recall when and where you got married to Lola?

Well, we got married in June 8, 2002. It was in a reception hall at emh emh … oh no, you know I don’t know Lagos very well. Ah, it is along this Ejigbo road there is this Registry in”the premises of a local government.

Who were the witnesses at the wedding, were your family members there?

No. I just woke up that morning and found myself in a wedding ceremony with her. I was reluctant but I was helpless and since then I have been in her web. I can remember that some of her friends were there. She signed for me and one guy called Olu, he’ a movie director signed for her.

When did you see each other last?

Ah, that was two years ago.

In essence you are not there for her, so how did you expect her to stay in the marriage?

I was taking care of her and the daughter. I rented the apartment she lives with her family members for her. Besides, I bought cars for her; I bought her a Honda car and a jeep. She gets N80,000 as monthly allowance from me. So I was taking care of her and her baby. You. see when I met her we did not talk about me relocating to Nigeria.

You bought her the VW bug too?

No I did not buy her the VW bug. When she told me she wanted to buy it I said she did not need it, because as at that time she had two cars I bought for her. In fact, I did not know that VW bug was in vogue. Eventually, she brought it home and I asked her how she got the money to buy it. She said she did a business. I asked who she did the business with and what kind of business. We argued, fought over the source of the car but she never told me till date.

Your marriage to Lola was blessed with a baby girl, what’s going to happen to her now?

Yes, that’s Omowunmi but with this development I’m asking for a DNA test to ascertain the paternity. You know, we had barely met when she told me she was pregnant then and I had my reservations but somehow I put it behind me but with this development it’s just proper for me to be sure of the baby’s paternity, so I’m doing a DNA.

Are you alleging that she’s involved in extra marital affairs?

Yes, I get to read all these and more in the magazines. People tell me a lot about her moves but she has her way of convincing me, making me to reason with her. You know how it is with women like that.

What do you think could make Lola to ieave you for another man?

Well, I don’t know because I heard the news about her re- marriage few minutes ago. I actually confirmed this development through one of my brothers that I asked to go and get the publication she declared her intention to re-marry.

When did you see her last?

It’s been two years now but we talk everyday on telephone. I was warned by friends not to marry her, that she is an entertainer but I ignored it.

Are you saying she’s fetish?

Yes, she’s into juju, It’s true she’s fetish. There was a time was with her in Lagos She was naked and there was this gbere (incision) around her waist, I looked at her critically and I found this incision all over her waist. You see, you can’t get to see this except you look at her critically. So all that happened to me since I met her started dawning on me last year. When I realised this I would call her she would ignore my call. A lot of people started calling me to tell me all sorts about her. On few occasions that she picked my call she would tell me she was on location.

She’s taken me to several places ‘on the pretext that those juju consultants would help my business grow, She’s such a person you would never pray to marry. She knows what she wants in every relationship and as soon as she gets it, she’s off. All that has happened to me since I met her has just become clear to me. My fortune started to dwindle when I met Lola, my business went down the drain.

Would you say she was bad in all ways?

You see, at the initial stage, she was quite receptive and homely. She would get you carried away with her sumptuous meals she’s not fantastic on bed but she’s ever ready to meet your sexual needs. You understand. But it’s all rubbish.

Yes, I’m not perfect as a man too but we fought several times on marital issues. You see oftentimes we quarreled over her family members, her younger ones who would just burst into our bedroom.

Can you count your blessings or losses in the relationship?

I have lost not less than N80million since I met Lola. There was a time she was the one controlling my car business. You know I’m into car importation. There was a time I lost not less than N20 million on business. It became so difficult that the next meal was a big challenge for me. It was very tough that I borrowed money to travel back to the US. So she started all these illegal moves. Going out at will and when she comes back we will fight and you know she always had her way. I found this tiny gourd with her once. You know she hypnotises the people who are doing business with her, call their names into the tiny gourd.

Yes, write it, write it and put my name on it, put my name Oludare Ogunlana in it, quote me. I have caught her with a juju object that she was reciting the name of a particular person they wanted to do business together. Please publish all I have said and put my name. If anybody contests my claims I’m ready to take them to those places she took me to for juju consultations. 

So, why are you stopping her from re-marrying?

Legally, I’m still married to her. I’m not saying she should not remarry but she has to pay me what she owes me. Besides, I have not received any letter to the effect that she’s divorcing me. So legally I’m still married to her. She owes me not less than N30m.

Can you recall how you met her?

I met her in August 2001. It was on the set of Bukky Wright’s movie ‘Owo Ale’.

Before you married her did you meet her family members?

No, not at all.

What advice do you have for Lola’s new husband?

My advice to the new man is that he should prepare for his downfall soon because there is no man that will go on top of Lola that will not go down. The records are there. There was a time I was stranded in Lagos. You can imagine with all I came to Nigeria with all the way from the United States of America and I have nothing to show for it, not even a dime to buy my ticket to go back. I knew going into that relationship with her was wrong because I’m married but it was at a time my marriage was suffering some crises. With all I did for her I do not deserve that from her. I was there for her.

Lola Alao’s De fence: He Abandoned Me

Hi Lola, I just want your reaction to some allegation from your husband?

Okay what did he say?

That he was not conscious of the fact that both of you were going to the wedding registry?


That you probably hypnotized him and that you engaged in fetish practices?

Do you know what, as far as I’m concerned there’s no comment. I just want you to know that… and the Dare I know cannot say all that. If my husband can say that it’s because he’s angry.

Ok, let me read out some of the things he said (read)… that you are owing him N30m

Ah, he said that I’m owing him N30m. Ah, are you sure he said all these. That I’m owing him N30m.

He said that he would confirm the paternity of your daughter with a DNA test?

You see, Dare is my husband, he is still my husband and I have a daughter for him. I know whatever he must have told you must have been out of anger… so if my husband says I’m owing him N30million. Well, he’s still my husband and I have not divorced him. I’m sure he’s going to call you back. I just wish I could see you one on one… All my husband said were not true.

He alleged you are fetish.

Well, if Dare said that no problem. He’s just saying that to get back to me. Imagine someone I’m not owing a dime claiming I’m owing him millions. It never happened.

I think he did not like the fact that you said you wanted to remarry in the media?

(Angrily) Why should he abandon his wife for three years? This is my reason. Ah, ah! Think about it, my daughter will be seven years old. Shouldn’t I have another child after her. You see I love my husband more than anybody else in this world.

But why didn’t you share the problem with his relations or friends?

Of course, I’m going to do that. I’m actually heading to one of his uncles who wants to settle the matter amicable. Do you know what? I will call you in about two hours time. Please do me that favour to repeat all he’s said when I get to his uncle. Would you say it?

What about his decision to conduct a DNA test on Omowunmi?

I just want you to ask him, just ask him if he wants you to publish…


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  1. Dare Ogunlana whom goes by the name of Michael Damilare Ogunlana can be reached at 1-702-327-6064 or by email at

    We met in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012 while driving city buses. We were engaged in late 2012 prior to his Federal Drug Trafficking conviction in January of 2013. I stayed by his side throughout the prison term and he paroled to my home upon release in Las Vegas. Upon his release I became aware of his current marriage to a woman by the name of Adeshola as well as numerous children by many other women; including a son that he conceived while dating me.

    His recent misfortune has brought him back to New Jersey after I put him out on the streets. Michael (Dare) has been trying to get me to move to New Jersey with him since March of 2015. I refused to after all of the lies from his past has surfaced. Michael is a manipulative man with so many hidden agendas.

    I thank God for not allowing my pregnancies to come to term or our marriage to come forth. Michael still sends me money to this day to take care of me. I want nothing else to do with him! He asked me to come to New Jersey to help him with his many child support payments and to help him get an apartment because of his recent federal drug conviction its hard to find a place to live or a well paying job.

    I thank you for your recent article about Lola and Dare. Your article was a sign from God to end our relationship completely.

    Ms. Shamika

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