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Gunman on shooting spree while on Instagram live in UK identified as Nigerian

Like a crazy movie sceen, a Nigerian worm himself into limelight today in Chatham, Kent as he went on rampage shooting sporadically in the air with no recourse to safety of his neighbours.

The man has been identified as Michael Alunomoh who is into business of music production.

Amidst drinking of cognac and smoking Michael even filmed himself shouting down to armed police from the high-rise flat in Chatham after around 50 shots were heard by frantic neighbours.

Mr Alunomoh posted a clip of himself wielding guns and yelling ‘call the f***ing cops’ on Instagram, before shouting at the police gathered below ‘come on, come on, you’re mad’.
He was later arrested and taken to custody. No casualty was recorded from the incident.

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