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Governors Call for Decentralisation of Electricity, Economy Diversification

Proffering solution to the electricity anomalous cum epileptic economy that Nigeria wallows in, the State Governors, Thursday, in unison, recommended decentralisation of power at the federal level to states and local governments, inter-state relations, regional integration and diversification of the economy from oil to agriculture in order to prosper the economy of the country.


The Governors further charged the Federal Government to brace the educational sector in order to reduce the rate of unemployment and also address the over bloated workforce in the public sector of the economy.
Speaking on behalf of others at the maiden edition of the “National Forum on the Economy” Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha emphasised that “the problem with Nigeria’s economy is that too much power resides at the Federal level. It is time for the Federal Government to decentralise power and make the state and local government stronger.
“We also need to use our local culture to solve our economic problem. The British or American system cannot solve our problem. All we need is to adopt the Nigeria system to be able to solve our problem. The Federal Government should stick on Nigeria’s culture and use traditional chiefs in various states to tackle the issue of terrorism.”
Okorocha also stressed the necessity of making important vocational studies in Nigerian academic syllabus “the Federal Government need to change the educational policy where English language and Mathematics are made compulsory before students can be admitted. We need vocational schools where the youths could be trained on painting, bricklaying, fishing, plastering, and other handwork. There are jobs for people to do but because of the kind of educational system we have we the youths cannot find job.
“Bible tells me that my people perish for lack of knowledge, not for fall in oil price. Nigeria is blessed more than any” he concluded.

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