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Gov. Fayemi’s Looting of Ekiti

A story of clandestine looting of Ekiti state by Governor Kayode Fayemi is spreading like a wild fire in the state at the moment. At the centre of the whole scandal is a Lagos based Communication Company known as Eminent Communications. It was alleged that all Fayemi campaign posters from 2006 to 2009 were printed by the company. As the story goes, it is alleged  the company is now being paid for those Fayemi’s campaign posters and handbills with Ekiti government  money! First, it was a whopping N1.2billion REBRANDING JOB immediately Fayemi assumed office, and now Eminent is allegedly paid quarterly for “Rebranding campaign (ie Celebrating Ekiti Heroes & Heroines).” For this, N23,661,943.20 is paid to Eminent Communications Limited every three months.

This was made evident from a document made available to News of the People in which  Eminent Communications allegedly made a request for N23,661,943.20 (N23.7million) for October – December, 2011. Interestingly the request paper that was sent to governor Fayemi on 17/10/2011 got approval of His Excellency on the same day as indicated here in the paper. When the communication company was contacted for a comment, a lady who spoke on phone declined to comment saying ‘we don’t speak with the press here but you can come to our office for discussion’ she then hung up. At the governor’s media office, an official who claimed not to speak on official capacity said they are aware of certain documents flying around to tarnish the image of the government, adding, we can’t comment on it anyway.


Shortly after the above story came out, the indigenes of Ekiti under a group ekiti parapo posted the story as topic of their discussion.  one of the governor’s numerous Special Adviser, Hakeem Jamiu responded thus:

“I would have ignored your enquiries which you hinged on the spurious stories in the magazine quoted above but for the unsuspecting public,

The story that 1,2 billion naira  was spent on re branding is not only false but stupid. It is simply not correct .There are 58,000(fifty Eight thousand) workers in the state who collect 2.2 billion naira as monthly wage bill and this will increase in the next one month when the N19,300 minimum wage becomes operational. The average monthly allocation to Ekiti is 3 billion naira. So is it possible and sensible for any government to spend 1.2 billion for re brandingr? It is only your illegitimate boss that can do this and not a Fayemi!!  I leave the burden of proof to you and your rumour mongering junk magazine.

On the 23 million naira  you alleged was paid to a company as a quarterly consultancy fee for God knows what, it is not also  true. It is a  one off payment for packaging and airing of jingles of Ekiti Ambassadors on many TV stations including cable tv stations that was aired between October and December 2011as stated in the invoice. This is verifiable in the Ministry of Information and the media houses indicated on the invoice. So there is no big deal about this.

What is  wrong in giving a job to a company that supported  the struggle to reclaim the mandate your  PDP party stole? Many of the companies that worked under the PDP government are still getting jobs under the Fayemi administration to show you the level of broad mindedness of the Governor. The administration under which you served committed many unpardonable  financial atrocities and yet we have resisted the temptation to let this distract us. Sugbon ti omode ba sin owo asinju, o maa gbo itan awon  ti baba oun je lowo. (If a child pesters his debtors too much, he will hear the story of his  father’s creditors) My advice for you and your ilks is that you should endeavor to ask for any document you need from government under the FOI law rather than depending on fake documents or wasting your money to purchase fake documents when you have legal access to the original”


My Regards

Hakeem Jamiu


We leave the readers to judge






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  1. honestly, I’ve been witnessing govt this one is one of its kind. I wonders why this govt could possibly indebted the state without specific project rather than existing one started by the previous govt. now no water supply, no job for youth, no local govt election hence no local govt projects, sold #1000 form to 18000 people (civil service) got #18m-no job, sold #5000 to 3000 people(teaching hospital) got #15m- no job, sold form for teaching service employed 17 ppl. dargrin no regular pay, peace corps no pay ( both no employment letter). Iworoko -Ifaki was released by Oni #6.5b, fayemi raised it to #11b with no additional element . planted unseeing flower for #2.6b, he turns himself be the contractor for ongoing gov’s office, building University in Ghana with Ekiti money. in fact am suffering from headache by this Fayemi led govt.


  3. @jegede john pls can you tell me how u govern your own house? im sure you can lead 2people talk of a whole state if you dont have anything to do u beta call 180 or 181

  4. @morebless am really sure dat u are not 4rm ekiti bcs a gud people of ekiti can talk as u talk,,,did u no d meaninin democracy ,is a govnmt of d people by d people an for d people,,,d gvmt of fayemi is 2 far 2 his ppls,no local govmt electn no constituency allowance 4 ous of assembly bcs d local chairman an councilor are d ppls dat no d grass root of dere villages an d ppls we elect dere choise so dat everibodi we benefit 4rm d govmt…my man don’t let me talk 2much..everibodi can see now who is beta between fayemi an fayose…4 d governor of d state dat cannot win is ward even he’s local govmt an u call him a governor hummmm,

  5. Fayemi is a pretender n criminal, he must go 2 jail after his tenure, his aim is 2 use thug 2 rig d election which was prevented by d fed govt. Dat was y he neglectd his ppl, he wasted ekiti money 2 numerous musicians in nig, posters, bill board here n dea, media propaganda, full of lieing etc hw is d person dat has no connectn wit teachers, civil servants, LG workers, artisan, pentioners etc wil win electn and he want 2 rule dem again which evryone rejected, we showed him dat we r nt daft like him in ekiti, dat was y we gave him d protest vote. I nid 2 let u know dat 1,000 salami cannot turn d result of d election. QED.

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