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Gov Fashola’s Permanent Secretary Turns Terror in Omole

fasholaIf recent developments in Omole phase 2 area of Lagos is anything to judge, then the Permanent Secretary in the Lagos ministry of physical planning and urban development, Mrs Yetunde Ajayi can be regarded as the most powerful civil servant in Lagos. This is on account of her recent activities in the estate which many have termed as barbaric and surprising. As a resident told this medium, if Mrs Ajayi doesn’t like your face, then you’re in for trouble as she would allegedly unleash the state apparatus against. Such individual. In the process of her overbearing, many said the have lost their building fences to various act of her ministry on the excuse of obstruction. Her tyrannical show was also exhibited recently when she threatened to deal with her neighbour whom she accused of using charcoal for cooking in an area she tagged to be too posh for such an act. The Neighbour identified as Mr and Mrs Ola Oladipo suddenly woke up on a particular day to find their house being padlocked by agencies of Lagos ministry of environment with an alleged order from the powerful Mrs Ajayi. As the story was narrated in a petition sent to the amiable state governor, Babatunde Fashola (SAN) the house was sealed for more than 20 days without prior communication of warning or caution. According to the petition, the residence was sealed May 20′ 2014 without notice or court order. Here are the catalogue of the event as narrated by the Oladipos:
MAY 21, 2014
I reported the seal-off at the office of the Permanent Secretary of environment ministry at block 16 and was denied audience with Hakeem Ogunbambi, the permanent secretary
I later met officer in room 314 who confirmed the order to seal acting on a verbal complaint by my neighbour the PS physical planning, Mrs Ajayi.

MAY 23, 2014
Environment ministry officials visited my residence on a verification of ‘verbal’ complaints by my neighbour PS Arc Ajayi. These officials arrived at dawn …630am! Which was a visit after the deed was done!

MAY 28, 2014
My Lawyer petitioned the governor over illegal invasion and seal off, oppression, intimidation as well as accusation of Abuse of office and misuse of power by the concerned senior government officials. The Commissioners for Environment and Physical Planning including the PS Hakeem Ogunbambi were all copied and stamped acknowledged.
seal 2
JUNE 4, 2014
PS Ogunbambi and PS Ajayi responded by unleashing gun-totting Policemen and enforcement officials on my residence numbering over 10 in the early hours. Between 7am and 8am.
These officials forced their way unlawfully into my residence scaling the fence apparently arrested people they met in my house including carting away food and kitchen utensils behind my house.
They also arranged and pasted a backdated and forged COURT ORDER AND NOTICE to cover their tracks of illegality. What criminality in high places! Legalising illegality!!!!!!
They took everyone away in a Black Maria truck and headed for Alausa, received further instructions and proceeded to KAI premises for arraignment in Magistrate Court. What choreography?

Those abducted/arrested in my house were to be charged for “”Obstruction””. Obstruction of Law enforcement agents in their own house!!!!

The timely intervention of the Chairman of the Lagos State Environmental Task Force CSP Bayo Sulaiman prevented the illegality from been perfected.
JUNE 10 2014.
At 5am on this day, Ajayi arranged a photographer to begin surveillance of my residence. The arrangement was bursted as screaming of residents immediately led to zooming off by the Ajayis who arranged the escape.
A Letter To Gov Fashola
Your Excellency,
1. Today makes it 16 days since my house in Omole GRA phaze2 Berger isheri has been sealed off by officials from the Ministry of Environment without a reason, ostensibly of the orders of PS ministry of Physical Planning Arc (Mrs) Yetunde Ajayi (who is my next door neighbor), using the PS of Environment Egnr Hakeem Ogunbambi. The seal-off was done May 20, 2014 with chains and locks.

2. By yesterday morning of June 4, 2014–officials from the Environment Ministry and gun-wielding policemen numbering over 10 stormed my residence and arrested ALL the people they met at home and carried away personal effects and kitchen utensils. Three women were arrested and taken away and straight to Court in Alausa! Accompanied with a black maria-like truck!

3. The officials also pasted a back-dated Court order and and abatemenment notice on my gate, attempting to cover their tracks of illegality!

4. Three days (23 May, 2014) after my residence was sealed up, some officials from the Environment ministry visited my house at 6:30am “for inspection”. They said that my neighbor complained of smoke from my backyard affecting their noses. i questioned the laughable procedure where first thing is done last!

5. On 28th May, 2014, my Lawyer’s petition was received/acknowledged in your office/chief of staff’s office. Letter copied to Commissioners for Environment, Mr Tunji Bello, Physical Planning & Urban Development, TpL Olutoyin Ayinde and PS of Environment Engr Hakeem Ogunbambi. So far, only the Physical Planning commissioner Toyin Ayinde has personally acknowledged receipt of my sms and lawyer’s letter via a “text” message yesterday. i respect him for this show of professionalism and concern.

Sir, i have attached the following for your kind attention believeing i will get justice for this oppression done with impunity:
– Photographs of my residence in chains and lock

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  1. Na wah. The PS is a career Civil Servant Oga Redeem. And its her choice to be this arrogant and insolent. Must we reduce everything to PDP and APC.

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