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Gov. Chime Jets Out Again For Medical


Governance has once again in Enugu State gone into coma, just as the chief executive officer of the state, Sullivan Chime has again been flown out of the country for urgent medical attention. As usual, he never handed over the leadership of the Coal City state to Sunday Onyebuchi, his deputy. For the better part of last year Chime was hospitalized in Europe. Government activities were halted throughout that period. The controversial governor left Enugu for Abuja on the pretence of going to attend Council of State meeting which he never attended before he sneaked out of the country. It was alleged late last year that the governor locked his wife up in Government House and later sent her packing, on the pretence that she needed psychiatric treatment. Ever since then, the first lady was rumoured to have been flown to England for treatment. The medical expences of the first family will have definitely left a big hole in the purse of Enugu State. A senior civil servant in the state who craved anonymity said, “Gov. Chime is an insensitive man, how can he always hold the whole state into ransome each time he travelled for medical treatment knowing fully well that it will take some time before he returns and he does not deemed it fit to hand over to his deputy. I have been privileged to be at a function where the Deputy Governor was lamenting that his boss hardly delegate job to him, a situation that always make him useless especially when he travelled out of the country”. He further said, “He that he is accusing his wife that she is not well, is he actually well too? He is just playing to the gallery by embarrassing the poor woman. How can a man that is in his right senses be saying that kind of nonsense to the whole world, forgetting that he ought to be role model. The first lady could as well lock him up in Government House that his nose cancer is embarrassing her too”.

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