Gov Ambode Appoints New Permanent Secretary

In bid to foster the State development the Lagos state Government on Thursday added another hand to the Permanent Secretaries in the State Public Service to aid the supervision of Ministry Of Environment.

Gov Akinwumi Ambode Swearing in new Permanent Secretary, Mrs Elizabeth Abiodun Ashiru
Gov Akinwumi Ambode Swearing in new Permanent Secretary, Mrs Elizabeth Abiodun Ashiru

The newly appointed PS is Mrs. Elizabeth Abiodun Ashiru. According to Governor Akinwumi Ambode, Elizabeth contribution to the uplift of the state has earned her the creditable appointment. “Whenever the opportunity arises, diligent officers will be rewarded with higher responsibilities and be expected to continue the good work which has earned them the elevation. The position of Permanent Secretary is very critical in this administration as they are the Accounting Officers of our various ministries and agencies.

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“Today, Mrs. Elizabeth Abiodun Ashiru has been appointed to the Body of Permanent Secretaries in the Lagos State Public Service to oversee the Ministry of Environment. With this appointment, you have been saddled with the responsibility of running a sensitive ministry and nothing short of excellence is required. You must be ready to take tough decisions and show leadership.” The governor charged.
Ambode, during the swearing in of the new PS re-vowed his administration commitment

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“This administration is committed to the continued reinvigoration of the machinery of Government through elevation of worthy and qualified individuals from the pool of skilled workforce in the State Public Service.
“It is our Civil/Public Servants who implement the policies and programmes of government. You must very quickly get a grasp of the policy direction of this administration as it concerns your ministry and take charge of it. You must be the driver of our CHANGE mantra in your ministry.”
He, however, congratulates the appointee and urged her to live up to expectation.
“I congratulate you on this well-deserved appointment and urge you to live up to the demands of your new status.”

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