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Funke Akindele’s Polygamy mess as two other women surfaces for husband

When she got married months back to the rather unknown real estate developer, Kehinde Almaroof, a.k.a. Kendoo many were of the belief that the marriage will be just like the rest of them in the Nollywood. For now all indications are pointing in that direction as they may have been proved right. Sultry actress, Funke Akindele, of the Jenifa fame is now in the eye of the storm. The news in town is that Funke has lost her four-month old pregnancy and the loss has led to many spectacles in her husband’s homestead. With the publicity which her marriage to Kenny-Doo generated, many would have expected the arrival of a baby to douse the tension; that is not to be, as the news of Funke’s miscarriage of four months hit the town. Although some argued that Funke was not pregnant not to talk of having a miscarriage. Whatever the case however, sources are pointing out issues relating to polygamy set up in which Funke is right neck deep in.
Following this, two women have now surfaced as new wives of Funke’s celebrated husband, claiming that Kendoo has put them in family way.  As if this is not enough, the woman who is originally known as the real wife of Funke’s husband is now staging a big come-back to reclaim her husband. In the same vein, the story of her husband’s mistress, a divorcee and mother of 2 boys from another marriage, who was impregnated by Funke’s husband, broke about 2 weeks ago.  The lady, who came out and spoke on her romance with Kenny Doo, gave her name as Modinat Nike Dada. She is 7 months pregnant. Modinat is fondly called Mama Dayo. Her first marriage allegedly crashed due to incompatibility with her estranged husband, also called Dayo. Modinat’s sister runs a clothing store at Oshodi, the shop is owned by Kenny Doo. He reportedly met Modinat at her sister’s shop in Oshodi from where the romance began. Modinat had problems getting pregnant initially for a while before Kenny Doo came into her life, and she became pregnant instantly. This time, however, Kenny Doo had already fallen in love with Funke, and so dumped Modinat, despite the fact that she was pregnant. Originally, Toun was Kenny’s firt wife who had four kids for him until she left her matrimonial home in a controversial manner over matter of wife battery. The very beautiful Toun was said to have left her kids behind, a situation that perhaps forced Kenny to marry Fadeke who was her mother’s shop attendant at that time. Hence Fadeke who later had one kid was saddled with responsibility of taking care of the kids. A close source said Fadeke is carrying another baby and may deliver any moment from now.  As it is now, Kennydoo, with 5 kids already, is expecting 2 more kids from his other women, Fadekemi and Modinat, while Funke perhaps is still brooding over her pregnancy loss, and silently lamenting on what would become her fate in the unfolding scenario. Those close to the Jenifa star say she is taking her predicament philosophically, adding she believes when the time comes, she’ll be a mother, her husband’s many women notwithstanding.


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  1. Na real wa o…..
    She just have to take it as it is, nearly 90% of Nigerian women have seeing seen HELL from so called Nigerian well to do men.
    Advice: The best class to marry in Nigeria is an average income man.

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