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FRSC Corp Marshal, Oyeyemi in Fraud Scandal

Things are fast falling apart in the Federal Road Safety Commission led by Boboye Oyeyemi and the center as they always say cannot hold. Accusations and counter accusations are flying around and the man at the center of the whole issue is the Corp Marshal who is being accused of double standard. Discordant tunes coming from the commission indicate that FRSC is fragmented as a result of favouritism and cultism.

In a petition being circulated to the media, the corps marshal is particularly alleged to be the man at the center of the alleged crisis, thereby calling on the National Assembly to wade into the matter. The petition titled Disaster in FRSC, A Must Read, reads:

“The CM, Boboye OYEYEMI should prove wrong that he is not a disaster to this Corps. I know FRSC has a lot of sycophants and eye service officers but the truth is that everybody is suffering the same fate. How can a reasonable CM go to public and castigate his officers all in a bid to win the love of the civilians. Does he realise that the same unhappy officers will go back to the same people and pour their anger back to them and for this reason, they can never love us. This man has practically impoverished the corps as all avenues to get extra income has been blocked and open to his cronies outside all in a bid to save his job. We know. How can he explain the rationale behind giving powers to driving school as against the DLCs in nigeria (Reason: He has driving schools in about 12 states in Nigeria)

“Only in this tenure that salaries are being delayed like public school staff in States. Mobile courts were stopped in certain states because they were not giving kickbacks to the Headquarters. We know all these. Kumakpayi became a victim of an offence that is committed freely. Preferences are given to staff (females) who are  commanding officers girlfriends and those who refuse the advances are punished and transferred to commands that are referred to as punishment grounds.(so you have inferior commands) Postings are verbally reversed for commanding officers girlfriends.

Commanding officers are suffering from poverty as they never want to see junior officers progress. And honestly they will never progress. Imagine ACM (Figaro) sending a memo to appeal for donations from officers for the wedding ceremony of a DCM (CD NWACHUKWU) son who is not even an officer with the Corps. Can you imagine the level of poverty that has befallen this corp? If you have such a DCM as your mentor, YOU ARE FINISHED WALAHI.Oga Oyeyemi except your occultic God is greater than the God we serve, that is only when you will survive next year in Office. A three star officer in HQ has more powers than a zonal commanding officer.

You steal from our salaries at will, deny us our allowances at will and go to the public to talk rubbish at will. Even your cronies have the guts to say we are paid patrol allowances on national TV. Your own is very close to you. How many times have you seen an AIG go on DIVISIONAL POLICE STATION VISITS?,  you turned the ZCOs to beggars visiting units and sectors to collect 10k and 2 bottles of wine from each formation visited. Oye, you wicked sha. But note that wickedness will visit you. Only you sent a memo that ‘Dr.’ should not be put before names and now you are now being addressed as Dr . It is now legal to put it before name.
The revelation here is long overdue! A lot of destiny have been destroyed by some powerful few who only supports policies that favors them! I am a living example. For 12 years I only enjoyed promotion once because I am an HND graduate, while many have climbed to the highest zenith with even certificates lower than HND. The present Corps Marshal is an HND holder. All through his time he has enjoyed accelerated promotion as an HND holder! It’s all about the cabals; if u don’t belong then you don’t have a future!

I see the press as the mouthpiece of the downtrodden! productivity in the civil service is at its lowest ebb because some people see federal and states own organizations as a personal business where they can wake and introduce policy that disfavor their subordinates! This is particularly dissatisfying and discouraging. Or how on earth do you expect a man who have been denied many years of promotions on the ground of bad policies to be happy? The pirate confraternity or the sea dogs have been ruling since the inception of the Corps hitherto! I know of a particular Deputy Corps Commander Akinyemi who I met in the Corps 12 years ago on the same rank up till today. From investigation he was a victim of the Pirates in the Corps all because he refused to belong! We have so many of such cases! You need to do a thorough investigation and I believe it will help a lot who have been caged and suffering in silence in FRSC!”

When the commission’s Public Relations Officer, Bisi Kazeem was confronted with the allegations, he simply dismissed the allegations herein with a wave of hand. According to him, the attempt is the handiwork of disgruntled elements in the service who are bent to dent the image of the commission at all cost.

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