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FLORENCE AJIMOBI now controls Oyo state!

Two Mondays ago, precisely Monday 23rd July 2012, His Excellency, Senator Isiaka Ajimobi was absent at the State’s exco meeting. Shortly after the meeting, apparently worried members called at his residence to inquire what could have gone wrong. The bespectacled governor simply told his kitchen cabinet members that he was not in the very best of mood; hence his absence at his meeting. Obviously, Her Excellency, the First Lady of the Pacesetter state, Florence Ajimobi was not in a good mood after her diamond necklace had allegedly been stolen, and her husband had to show concern by staying back to empathize with her. That Florence wields so much power in Oyo state might be stating the obvious. Aside domestic affairs, her staying power has equally extended to how things are done in the state and it’s very obvious to those in the game. For instance, the appointment of caretaker members for the Local governments in the state last year, had a greater input of the First Lady. A source said, “even if a Local government caretaker chairman is irresponsible to the people, if such chairman is ‘responsible’ to the First Lady, there is no problem”. A particular chairman, who placed a full page advertorial in Nigerian Tribune of Tuesday, June 19, 2012, listed among his achievements and by extension, success story of Governor Ajimobi as (i) purchase of brand New Toyota Rav4 Jeep for the office of the chairman; observation of weekly and monthly environmental sanitation exercises; sponsoring of people to both Jerusalem and Mecca; regular payment of staff salaries and other ‘Ajimobiphobia Achievements’. The particular Local government chairman is said to be a favorite of the First Lady and no one dares look the way of querying such bogus achievements, listed in the national newspaper. Last year, when the delegation to go for the Holy pilgrimage to Mecca, was to embark on preparations, Florence was said to have insisted on following her husband, as the First Lady to the Holy Land. According to her, a prayer jointly said is better for the state. No sooner has she arrived, however, was she to lead another delegation to Jerusalem for the Christian pilgrimage; a move that actually raised suspicion in many quarters. Those who have presented laudable proposals to the state government expressed how their ideas have been frustrated because they could not get the blessings of the First Lady who virtually holds the cake and the knife. Since an unofficial appointment of his daughter as the Personal Assistant to the governor, most of the workings and goings-on in the office are at Her Excellency’s finger tips. As at the time of writing this report, it was gathered that the couple were in the United Kingdom on an investment drive for the state, and perhaps too, to enjoy the Olympics fever.

-Mosun Usman

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  1. Re: FLORENCE AJIMOBI now controls Oyo state!

    The attention of the Oyo State Government has been drawn to a fictitious report published by the News of the People and being circulated by other online blogs and sites to the effect that the governor of Oyo State, Sen. Abiola Ajimobi, failed to attend an executive council meeting due to the theft of his wife’s necklace.

    Under normal circumstance, the Oyo State Government refrains from bandying words with esteemed members of the information network, especially those who envy the pride of place that journalists enjoy worldwide and who, as a result of this, have also entered the information-dissemination world, although raw, with no training and without the ethics of the profession as guides.
    One of the manifestations of the latter tendency is a tendentious, Amos Tutuola-kind fabulous story published by the News of the People as entitled above. The report was not only a figment of the imagination of the writer but an absolute falsehood.
    We like to place on record that Governor Abiola Ajimobi never abandoned his official duties as alleged by the online portal. The sequence of his activities for the said day, July 23, 2012, is as follows:
    The governor attended a meeting with select traditional rulers and community leaders to address urgent security challenges in the state in the morning, from between the hours of 8a.m. to 11.25a.m. Observing that the meeting was dragging too long, he delegated his deputy to preside over the State Executive Council meeting.
    It is pertinent to note that the governor joined the council meeting mid-way and immediately summoned officials of the Ministries of Works, Environment, Physical Planning as well as Lands and Housing for a mini-executive council meeting to review the effects of the flood disaster which happened recently on the people of the state and fashion out palliative measures to mitigate the effects. The meeting was held in his office.
    The Governor thereafter suspended this meeting to receive the Federal Government delegation led by the Minister of State, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Ms. Jumoke Akinjide, on a condolence visit to him over the death of his mum. This held around 12.30pm and the governor had to continue with his earlier meeting with the ministries officials.
    Also, Governor Ajimobi, at about 4pm, received his Edo State counterpart, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, who came to condole with him in his office. Governor Oshiomhole left the governor’s office at about 5.30pm and Governor Ajimobi continued with his official duties.
    The governor later left his office to join Ibadan Elders at the Government House who came to observe the Iftar (breaking of fast) with him.
    More importantly, Mrs. Ajimobi never lost any diamond necklace, let alone being in bad mood.
    It is a shame that those who are not journalists have taken over the serious business of journalism and have consigned the noble art of investigative journalism into the trash-can. If not, a simple attempt at gathering information or even speaking with journalists of various media houses who witnessed these sequential events would have dissolved this News of the Liars’ lies into thin air.
    Mrs. Ajimobi, like any other virtuous woman, is a simple woman who merely wants her husband to be a success. Attributing the administration of Oyo State to her is not only callous but apparently the handiwork of the fraudsters being daily smoked out of Oyo State, the culprits of the N2.6 billion fraud in Oyo pension board whom her husband recently discovered, as well as offspring of the bad eggs who have been flushed off the system by her no-nonsense husband. They are apparently reacting through faceless charlatans masquerading as cyber journalists.
    To the general public, we all have to frontally attack the menace of yellow journalism that is mestasizing fast in our society. The quick and easy thing is to say is that it is the elite that these yellow journalists are destroying but our case, soon, will be akin to that man whom, when they came for his neighbor, he was happy that they didn’t come for him; and when they eventually came for him, the rest of society kept quiet. We should all collectively thumb down these characters who feed on our thirst for the bad news from our leaders because someday, it would be out turn all.

    Tunde Muraina, Special Assistant (E-Media) to Governor Abiola Ajimobi

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