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Fifa Presidential: Sexwale Explains Why He Withdrew

sexwaleThe South African candidate who raced for the Fifa presidency but threw in the towel five minutes to before the voting commenced, Tokyo Sexwale has explained that it was fear of uncertainty that led to his withdrawal.
The business mogul told the BBC that he withdrew from Friday’s Fifa presidential election because he was “not sure” how many votes he would have won, and also to create a sense of calm.
Mr Sexwale said he used his speech at the Fifa congress in Zurich to “break the ice because there was a lot of tension”.
“I am from the country of Nelson Mandela, who preached reconciliation, and I could feel the tension as we built towards this congress,” he told the BBC’s Piers Edwards.
“I felt I needed to play a role to break the logjam,” he added.
His withdrawal left four candidates in a vote which was won by Gianni Infantino, who succeeds Sepp Blatter.
Even before he quit the race, many observers were wondering where the 62-year-old businessman’s votes were going to come from.

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