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F’ 1 racer Lewis Hamilton finally speaks on Rihanna dating rumours

lewis and rihanna

There has always been speculations about unmarried celebrities of having suspicious affairs with one another. Rumours that a formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton and world class super star singer, Rihanna are dating have been flying around for the past view months and the two have been keeping pretty quiet on all the rumours and speculation, but now Lewis has spoken out that there is nothing serious going on between them than mere friendship.
The rumoured couple have been spending a fair amount of time together recently, enjoying each others’ company at the Crop Over Festival in Barbados and hanging out in New York.
The 30-year-old Formula 1 driver actually explained: “You know, I’ve known Ri for a long time.
“We’ve been friends for a while. We get to hang out every now and again…
“Otherwise, we’re just good friends.”

lewis and ri

So, there you have it. The two are just friends, although some belief they would make a good couple.
Speculation about their relationship status began making the rounds in August, when there were also rumours that Rihanna, 27, was enjoying spending time with Karim Benzema.
At the time, a source told E! News: “Rihanna and Lewis had a nice little getaway last weekend in Barbados. Rihanna also spent time with her friends and family but Lewis was the only romantic interest on her mind.
“She is not at any point in her life now ready to settle just for anyone, but she is enjoying the time she has with her friends and also focusing on work.”
The source added that she wasn’t ready to ‘put a label on anyone’ just yet.

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