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Capt. Hosa and ex-President, Jonathan
Capt. Hosa and ex-President, Jonathan
For fear of the unknown, more friends of the immediate past president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan have chosen to desert him.

There are presently uncertainties on the political standing of frontline business mogul, Capt. Hosa Okunbo. Feelers indicate that not too long ago, he was reported to have hurriedly quit participatory politics for alleged fear of being probe by the President Muhammadu Buhari All Progressives Congress’ led government.

Hosa, usually spotted to be in the front row seat at virtually all occasions with the then Mr. president while the journey was rosy with the P.D.P at the central government, is today perceived to have denied having any dealings with the past administration.

Not disputing this fact, the erstwhile People Democratic Party chieftain in Edo state had a blossoming business empire before the adventure of the Jonathan’s administration; nonetheless, there are pointers that he may have made an overload of wealth from his personal relationship with the P.D.P powers that be in the not so long era gone by.

Reacting to this, a close associate of Capt. Hosa who spoke on condition of anonymity defended him saying the captain left politic because his friend, Jonathan is no more in it and not for any fear as alleged.

“Capt. Hosa has a personal view to life and politics. And that choice he made when he announced to some of us that he has quit politics was for him to focus and concentrates his energy and time on his business.

“This I can tell you, he suffered some forms of suffocation at the time he devoted himself to playing politics just because he is and remains a personal friend to the former president.

“But not to say he was passionately favoured as a result of his closeness to Goodluck nor was there any record of him enjoining robust financial deal from the federal government at that time.

“He took an active role in politics because he felt the need to be by a friend and now the friend has left office, I don’t know where the rumour is coming from that Capt. Hosa I know has deserted president Jonathan”, he said.

the source bear his mind further that: “Captain to the best I know is a man of the people and he is a friend even to president Buhari and to all persons so long that individual shares similar idea with his belief of co-existence. That vision must be centered on how best one can used God’s given wealth to uplift the living condition of human”, He said.

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