E-X-C LU SI VE: Unauthorised Love Story of FEMI FANI-KAYODE and BIANCA, *Why Their Marriage Plans Collapsed


Unknown to many people, the former minister of aviation, Chief Femi Fani-kayode and former beauty queen, Mrs Bianca Onoh are heading for the altar in the late 80’s, but the wheel of their love life was clogged by a sudden event that eventually created a gulf between the two lovebirds. And, the relationship which had hitherto been anchored on mutual respect, sincerity and purposefulness then became a mirage and the one-time loving duo finally moved in different directions.

We gathered that Bianca Odinaka Olivia Onoh, who is the sixth child of Late Chief Christian Chukwuma Onoh, the second republic governor of the of the old Anambra state, had met Femi Fani-kayode while she was doing her A- levels in Cambridge Tutorial College. The former aviation minister was also attending the University of Cambridge for his Masters Degree programme in law. Informed sources revealed that the statuesque beauty was already a queen before he met the hunky politico. The lively, charming and boisterous Bianca had won the MISS MARTINI, a beauty pageant organized by the beverage company known as Martini Rossi, while schooling at Yorkshire in England.

The relationship between the stunner and the six-footer lover boy was described as a red-hot romance by Nigerian students then in the U.K social circuit. Even, when Femi, whose father was the second Queen’s Counsel{Senior Advocate of Nigeria} that Nigeria will produced, was rounding up his Masters programme and the drop-dead gorgeous Bianca was settling down for her combined honours degree in Politics, Economics and Law at the University of Buckingham, the rhythm of their love beats was still on-playing and melodious.

And as fate continued to smile on them, the lovebirds found each other in Nigeria, while Femi had finished the youth service programme, Bianca had also transferred to the University of Nigeria, Nzukka, where her father had compelled her to study law. Late Chief C.C Onoh, a lawyer and expert in land matters had genuinely and strongly guided his children into reading law. And, they grew to become visible figures in Rockonoh Law Chambers.

And the then loving duo continued their love affairs in the country. While the current Nigeria’s ambassador to Spain was sweating it out in the university, the lover boy was getting set to join his father’s law chamber. Our investigations revealed that around this time, another very pretty lady, Ms Saratu Attah had equally found a place in Femi’s heart. And, in no time, she was found to be carrying Femi Fani-kayode’s first child. The pregnancy of Saratu Attah, whose father, Alhaji Adamu Attah, was the second republic governor of Kwara state, we gathered, set the relationship between Femi and Bianca on the edge of ruins.

Sometime in 1997 at the wedding anniversary of Ide Ahaba, Chief Sonny Odogwu in Asaba, Delta state, Bianca, who is now married and equally expecting her first child then, had told a frontline celebrity journal, when she was asked was asked about his botched marriage plans with Femi Fani-kayode that ‘it [the marriage] was not meant to be… I meant FFK in London and we both dreamt of having a beautiful home, but things didn’t work our way. I know that he’s married now’ the elegant former beauty queen had said.

The marriage plans collapsed because Femi had impregnated Saratu [Baby], who later gave birth to Folake, the first child of Femi Fani-kayode, who now holds a Masters degree in law. Bianca went on with her law programme and later joined her father, who was then reeling in agony, in his chambers. Chief C.C Onoh, who had lost his first daughter in the Emene-Enugu air crash, shortly before he became the governor of the old Anambra in October 1983, was then hit by another tragedy. His son, Christian Chukwuma Jr had allegedly shot himself after a fierce family feud.

In 1988, the former Senior Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on Diaspora Affairs, participated in another beauty pageant, Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria [MBGN] and won. The drop-dead stunner thereafter went on to clinched the Miss Africa title in Banjul, Gambia in 1989. And, in the same year, the sexy ambassador was crowned Miss Intercontinental, making her one of the two most successful beauty queens Nigeria has produced. Also, in that year 1989, the late Ikemba of Nnewi, Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu had gone to visit his long standing friend, late Chief Onoh at his Ugwo country home and what confronted him was an angel that can never be resisted. Hence, the visits, we were told, became regular. The late former old Anambra governor oblivious of his friend’s mission was always quick to open his doors. We impeccably gathered that before long, the charismatic and enigmatic former warlord had swept Bianca off the ground. So, a new love chapter was opened for the beauty queen.

About this time, Femi Fani-kayode had equally cemented a political relationship with the former Biafra leader, Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu. The shrewd and consummate politico hosted Femi to a launch in his Villaska lodge, Ikoyi, Lagos residence, where he agreed to be the patron of the September Club, an hi-tech social-political organization established by some prominent Nigerians. Unknown to Femi, his priceless beau is now the main date of Ikemba.

When, Chief C.C Onoh got wind of the amorous affair between his daughter and his friend, which was fully supported by his wife Caroline, all hell was let loosed. The late governor severed relationship with his friend and insisted that his daughter will never marry the highly intelligent Oxford trained Biafra warlord. Before the legal luminary could comprehend what has gone amiss, his lovely daughter, Bianca had moved into the comfort arms of Chief Ojukwu. And, the Villaska lodge Lagos home of Ojukwu became her place of abode. And, for four years, Late Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu and Bianca Odinaka Onoh lived together as live-in-lovers.

And, despite the 35 year age difference between the then intending couple and resistance of Chief Onoh, the loving duo took a walk down the aisle on November 12, 1994. The sixth child of C.C Onoh, Bianca and the Ikemba of Nnewi were pronounced as husband and wife at Our Lady Queen of Nigerian Church in the city centre of unity, Abuja. Although, Chief Onoh barred his family members from attending, the ceremony was not devoid of pomp and pageantry, as scores of A-list celebrities came to witness the holy solemnization.

Informed sources revealed that ‘some of us are not surprised when FFK wrote a tribute to Chief Chukwuemeka Ojukwu when he died. He surely had a relationship with both Ikemba and his wife. And, I’m very sure that Bianca is one of the very few people he can’t resist. He dare not say no to her’ the source concluded. Sometime in March last year, Chief Fani-kayode had wrote a tribute to Chief Ojukwu titled ‘ I wish I were born Igbo’ in which he celebrated the life and times of the late statesman.





Femi Fani-Kayode has been married three times. His first marriage was to Saratu “Baby” Atta in 1987 but they were divorced by 1990. They have one daughter whose name is Oluwafolake. The second marriage was to Yemisi Olasunbo Adeniji in 1991 but they were divorced by 1995. They have three daughters whose names are Oluwatemitope, Oluwatobiloba and Oluwatuminu. The third marriage was to Regina Patience Amonoo. They were married in 1997 and are still married till today. They have one daughter whose name is Oluwaremilekun. His brother, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, was a renowned and influential artist and photographer who founded of the Association of Black Photographers (AUTOGRAPH) and who passed on in 1989.

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