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Digitisation prospective job creation- Lai

…says 1m jobs to me created in the next 3years

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said that with digital television the future of the country is bright.

Speaking at a gala night held in Lagos, the minister said “the future is brighter because this Administration’s commitment to ensuring that Nigeria successfully transits from Analogue to Digital Television will bring immense benefits.

Mohammed said that with the successful digitization in 2017, at least one million jobs will be created in the next three years through the manufacturing of set top boxes that will be required for each of the television sets in 24 million households.

“These jobs will come from TV Production. Digitization will make it possible to have at least 180 state channels, 30 regional channels and at least 10 National channels, catering for local music, news, film, children programming and sports. The need for content to feed these stations will translate to a huge number of jobs.

The jobs we are talking about will come from Film Production. From VHS tapes to VCD and DVD, Nollywood will next move to Push and Subscription Video On Demand on the STB and online, bringing piracy to the lowest ever, making distribution cheaper and easier and putting much more money into the hands of film producers, who will create more films of better quality, ultimately surpassing 2000 movies a year. The number of writers, lightning and sound technicians, cameramen, editors, actresses, actors, insurance costume will simply blow up,” he said.

The Minister said other advantages of digital broadcasting include savings in cost of infrastructure; improved coverage quality, better picture and sound quality, introduction of mobile broadcasting, instead of just delivering television services to fixed receivers, provision of value-added services, Electronic Programme Guides (EPGs) and better utilization of frequencies.

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