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Deputy Threatens To Impeach Tanko Al-Makura

Wonders shall never end. Have you ever heard of a situation where Deputy Governor’s order override that of his boss? Your answer is as good as mine. This is not a soap opera, this is the situation of things in Nasarawa State, where Damishi Luka Barau, the Deputy Governor of the state has practically taken over affairs of the state from Tanko Al-Makura, the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State. He has almost 80% of the lawmakers and the state executive council members on his side. Rather than maintaining his seat at the pleasure of the governor reverse is the case as this is setting a precedence for others who are not in the good books of the Presidency. That both the governor and his deputy won their election under the platform of Congress for Progressive Change, (CPC), now merged with All Progressive Congress, (APC), and both decamped to APC after the merger of their party with ACN, ANPP and others, is no more news.
The gist now is that, things have fallen apart, and the centre can no longer hold. According to a source in the know said the Presidency has succeeded in infiltrating Nasarawa State with the active assistance of the federal lawmakers in the state and the powers that be. Having agreed to the terms and conditions of these powerful politicians Barau decided to leave his boss in APC and decamped to Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. As if that is not enough, the deputy governor ordered his aides to hoist the flags of PDP in Government House and remove that of APC, his arguement was that they are in control in the state .The situation is so bad that the governor and his deputy dont see eye to eye again.
A source who confided in News of the People, said, “all the security details of the deputy governor have been changed with new official and pilot cars that are more fortified than that of the governor. The governor only controls five lawmakers in the state. A situation that has made him to thread softly even though he is not happy with what is happening around him especially his political career that is going down with no assistance from any quarter.” The deputy calls the shot from Abuja, as the beautiful bride that he is, he is also enjoying all the attentions he needed from Aso Rock and the PDP hierarchy, the source concluded. Meanwhile, Al-Makura has complained to APC hierarchy that PDP is using his deputy to plot his impeachment. In his words, “I am the only governor without a deputy. They are already using my deputy to try and impeach me. They will fail”.

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