In what could be termed as mysterious death, a family has been thrown into deep mourning due to the untimely deaths of two principal characters of an impending marriage.

According to a very close source to the bereaved family, preparations and plans have been concretized for the wedding of a daughter of the family (name withheld), when two days to the wedding, which was to hold last Saturday, September 8, to be precise, the father of the bride suddenly collapsed and died, and was buried amidst tears immediately, being a Muslim; although the news of the death was kept away from the daughter and intending bride, who was already obviously basking in the euphoria of being a brand new wife in days to come, the joy of every lady, you will say. Of course, the sad tale of the man’s sudden death could only be kept for days away from the bride-to-be; when an unconscious and shocked neigbour exclaimed on hearing the news of the death, “Hah, what killed him, when it’s just two days to his daughter’s wedding!”, that was the killing parameter for the lady who overheard the exclamation, and the devil came to work again. The lady collapsed and before help could come by way of reviving her, she had kicked the bucket. What was most saddening was that the lady was carrying an advanced pregnancy, and she had to be operated upon to deliver the baby, which we gathered was delivered successfully. It was even scooped that it was the lady’s groom-to-be who took the lady to the hospital, on the way of which she gave up, and the lady had to be quickly operated upon to save the unborn baby. The death occurred on Friday night, the night before the wedding, the following Saturday, for which massive preparations have been made.

Investigations made by this reporter, revealed that there are many angles to the sordid development which allegedly border on the choice of groom for the lady. It was allegedly gathered that the lady’s father had kicked against the desired choice of the lady, based on religion. The lady, a Muslim, had been in a very rosy relationship with a young chap who happens to be a Christian, but the father, a devoted Muslim had sworn that only on his dead body would his daughter marry a Christian. That was how the daughter had to do the bidding of her father by settling for a Muslim fiancé, who in no time put her in the family way, paving the way for a grand Nikkah slated for last Saturday, September 8, but it was not to be, as death took away the father and the daughter within a spate of two days. (The father died on Wednesday, September 5, while the daughter passed on, on Friday night September 7, a day to the Nikkah) Another interesting angle to the whole dilemma was that the husband-to-be, was said to have allegedly rented a woman to be her mother at the ceremony, since it was gathered, he had been abandoned by his biological mother since childhood.

On the day of the Nikkah, guests who were unaware of the unfortunate development were awe struck with sympathy and disbelief when they arrived in droves only to discover the demise that had attended the much-awaited ceremony which expensive Ankara fabrics and other textile materials have been bought and shared; not forgetting the various food items like cows, rams, and other culinaries earlier being prepared the previous day, before the unexpected happened. That was the abrupt end of a marriage gone sour. The baby that survived, seemed to be the only one absolved from the mystery deaths, supposedly on account of her innocence.

For obvious reasons, the identities of the principal characters involved in the principal characters involved in this unfortunate incident cannot be revealed but we can tell you authoritatively that the house of the man and the lady is located on Abdul Razak Street, off Afariogun Street, in Orile Oshodi, Lagos State. What a sad end to an envisaged marital bliss. It was indeed a big loss to the family, as they were still mourning profusely when this reporter visited the vicinity, even as no one was ready to volunteer any response to some of t he nagging question we posed to them.

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