Day Aliko Dangote Was Mad At Ali Baba

AAThe annual get-together of Dangote group for its distribution might have come and gone, but a particular scene at the event has continued to raise posers among those who attended the event. A very close source who attended the event said it was a grand event well planned and with a very good attendance.
Meanwhile, the source hinted that everything was about to start when the shocker of the year was playing out. This is because, the veteran comedian, Ali Baba who was billed to compere the event was nowhere to be found. While guests were about to arrive, the management was said to have adopted an option B, which saw them contacting the ever reliable Grand Comedian of Federal Republic, Gbenga Adeyinka to stand in as an emergency measure. Gbenga was said to have saved the day as he obliged without charging outrageous for such an impromptu arrangement. Gbenga has always been the compere in their previous similar event.
While the event was going on however, it was reliably gathered that Ali Baba surfaced but Gbenga had already set the event on fire.
Specifically, Alhaji Dangote who was visibly irked was said to have instructed his managers to inform Gbenga not to give the microphone to Ali Baba but to continue with the event.
This did not work out as Gbenga diplomatically introduced Ali Baba to the audience as his senior and then handed over the microphone to him. The event eventually saw Gbenga and Ali Baba as the anchor men of the event.
While the audience and the management were waiting for apology or excuse on why he (Ali Baba) did not keep up to time, nothing of such was uttered.
A management staff of the company said “till today we are yet to know the excuse. May be, we should still wait. But, certainly Alhaji (Dangote) was very unhappy”.

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  1. obj is the most corrupt priesdent that ever ruled Nigeria, worst than babangida and abacha combined.The EFCC should investigate and prosecute him, but without ribadu charing the investigation. We know he (ribadu) is serving his master and cannot bring him to justice. Evil old man, Nigerians trusted you; you betrayed them. obj should be in jail with the rest of the ex-governors.

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