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One of the most talks about Politician to emerge in the forthcoming election come 2015 in Ogun State is Prince Dapo Adebajo, though at the moment he has already serving as one the aides of Governor Ibikunle Amosun as Special Assistant on Environment. The Ijebu Isiwo-born jolly good fellow who contested for the Federal House of Representative during the last election in 2011 to represent Ijebu Central Federal Constituency we gathered is been touted to run for the seat again with feelers coming from the area. Dapo Adebajo whom we learnt is a Political Scientist and a deep grassroot Politician lost the battle in the last election due to Party Supremacy who zoned it to Ijebu North-East then but he his believed to have a better chance now that the slot will be going to Ijebu-Ode Local Government. Dapo whose father we were told use to be a staunch member of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s UPN  then use to be a Youth leader of the same Party in the early 80’s when he was in Kano and seems to have toed that line to become a toast of people especially in his home town, Ijebu-Isiwo. We also learnt Dapo who use to be an Environmental Health Specialist while in the UK is one of the most trusted aides of the State Governor which could give him a smooth run to the National Assembly in 2015.

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  1. Dear sir, I was reading your article about Dapo Adebajo and what surprised me most is that the only information you got right was he’s place of birth. I have so much information on him that doesn’t make good reading. He is not what he makes out to be. . It should be good reading to the people who reads your column.

  2. Dear Readers,
    In response to the comments I made regarding Dapo Adebajo, I had his people( GOONS) get in touch with and trying to intimidate me. He lived in Amsterdam for many years where he was known to be a Con Artist(He is wanted in this country),
    The country needs to progress in the right direction away from corruption and not have someone like him whose ideology is tuned to be corrupt.

  3. Gary Bolaji Akinyemi i thought Prince Dapo Adebajo is your childhood friend and he has done alot in your life why are you so wicked to him all what you are saying about him you know that is not true. Is it because you asked him to give you money and he said he doesn’t have does this warrant this your lies. Remember when you stop to destroy one man the wrath of God will start on you. This man is the choice of the people. But the truth is that you are also a wanted person in Britain and Germany for a case of rape also you rape your daughter OLUWABUNMI AKINYEMI in NIgeria all this are or the file. the picture of this your child will be on net very soon

  4. Prince Dapo Adebajo you are the person we want and we are solidly behind you. Ride on sir. The transformation just started. ABUJA STRAIGHT 2015.

  5. Prince bother less about people, many politician were being destroyed and most of their character were destroyed by all this antagonist who are enemy of progress. but at the end they are being vindicated. God is on your side go on we all support your ambition.

  6. A FORMER LCDA CHAIRMAN PRINCE DAPO ADEBAJO GOES BERSERK IN LAGOS DESTROYING HIS FAMILY LANDED PROPERTY. In a futile attempt to evict a tenant informally in his family house situated in Mushin Lagos state, Prince Dapo ADEBAJO, the former chairman of Iyemoji LCDA in the Ijebu-Ode local government area of Ogun state in company of his cousin defied the lockdown in Lagos State on Thursday to wreak havoc on the family house on No 3 Ikale street papa – Ajao Mushin as he pulled down the door and window of the room the tenant occupies. Sources said he claimed that the tenant Mr Idris Olaniyan is an illegal occupant as he rebuffed all entreaties by the head of the family Mrs Christianah Osho to desist from his uncivil act. After the operation the source further revealed that he brought SARS operatives from Zone D police station Isolo road to arrest the tenant alleging he is a thief and an illegal occupant as he claimed to be a local government chairman. Narrating his ordeal, Mr Olaniyan Said “l paid for rentage of the standard room in No 3 Ikale Street PapaAjao on Wednesday 15th April 2020.l paid#152,000 to the caretaker and obtained all necessary documents. And l packed in on Tuesday 21st April 2020.Unfortunately l saw one Mr Dapo Adebajo on 23rd April 2020 around 10Am, he came in and asked me who gave the room to me and l told him it is the caretaker. But Mr Dapo called me a thief and also said there is no caretaker for this house.l tried to explain to him but refused to listen and started to spoil the door, entered the room removed the sliding glass, my net and disorganised my room and called me 419.And he left only to come few minutes later with a police officer and took me to zone D station Mushin.He told the officer to lock me up because he called himself local government chairman of Ogun state. And told the officer to tell me to go and pack all my loads the next day.But that officer asked me about details and l explained everything to him.And my wife received call from Mr Christopher Adebajo, the eldest son of the family and asked her to give the phone to the officer but Mr Dapo said no he should not talk with Mr Christopher Adebajo. Then the officer said she should cut the line first.And the officer asked me to call the caretaker and l did.And the caretaker explained everything to the officer as the caretaker of the family who let out the room to me.And that he should link up with Mr Christopher Adebajo who will explain to him how he came on board as the caretaker.But Mr Dapo advised the officer against speaking with Mr Christopher Adebajo claiming he does not know the caretaker and the officer cut the line.Then the officer told me to excuse them first because he wanted to discuss with Dapo and l left them alone. Later the officer called me back and told me he begged Dapo on my behalf to leave me for a month because he is a chairman and he could call Mushin local government chairman Hon Bamgboye and as chairman to chairman if Hon Bamgboye calls anything can happen as he could call any police officers from anywhere to use power on me.And one Mr Samson who accompanied Dapo to the station said he is the owner of the room and the rentage was without his consent.Then the officer gave me the option of detention or giving my account details to Dapo for the refund of my money and l did because l don’t want to be detained. Dapo said he will refund my money back as Samson will live in that room.The officer plead with him to give me a month as l have paid before packing in.And Mr Dapo ADEBAJO said he would refund my money on Monday 27April.But he still asked the officer to lock me up but he refused his request and left me free.But the officer told me to leave the house before 23rd May because as a chairman l may possibly lose the money and the house if l refused to leave.To establish my ordeal in the hand of Dapo l took the photograph of my room, the door and the window he pulled down “. Efforts to reach Mrs Christianah Osho, the head of the family proved abortive as sources revealed she left the urgly scene in annoyance expressing disgust about her brother’s unruly behavior . However, we succeeded reaching out to the eldest son of the family, Mr Christopher Adebajo, a retired Broadcast Journalist and he made a few comments on the incident which he described as urgly, embarrassing and unprecedented saying ” ordinarily, l would not have loved joining this fray, but my position in the family as the first son and the incident type as perpetrated by a very junior brother in the family without recourse to his seniors made this inevitable.And the fact also that the acts itself places a lot of moral burden on Dapo particularly and the family generally. Therefore If not for anything else but to tell the whole world that my family is the best anyone would want to belong. But there will always be one Judas amongst the twelve disciples”.”Actually l was not at the scene .l live far away in Ota Ogun State .l was Informed by the Estate Manager, that is the caretaker( as you call it in local parlance),who l introduced to the family lately to assume the management of the family house.Because without caretaker the rate at which the tenants were paying their rents into the family account in the last two years had not been encouraging. So some of them needed somebody to arm wist them and also help in overseeing proper use of the house.That is how the Estate Manager came in and the family as headed by Mrs Christianah Osho knew about this.The manager called expressing serious disappointment about the unruly behavior Dapo puts up, as he said the tenant Mr Olaniyan called telling him Dapo came into his room to destroy his belongings,door and window of the room. l tried to reach out to Dapo he had switched off.l called Samsideen he picked but could not offer any satisfactory answers to my questions. I reached out to my sister Mrs Osho, the head of the family, she was too devastated about the Incident to offer any explanation as she told me she needed to rest.What l can deduce from the show of shame displayed by Dapo simply put is OVERBLOATED EGO.Common sense demands that he had recourse to his seniors in the family if he is not clear about an issue rather than taking law into his hand all- be-it in a manner unspeakable of a decent human being. I wouldn’t know if politics reinvent the practitioners negatively. But what l notice in very recent years that he joined politics and became the LCDA Chairman of our area is that his demeanour in the family had changed.And his disdain for the senior members of the family is better imagined.He tries always to pull down every developmental initiatives proffer by senior members of the family.My sister Mrs Osho knew about giving out the room for rentage and the coming on board of the Estate Manager.The room in question was devised to my two cousins in my father’s will. And a tenant had just vacated the room on 21/3/2020 and the entire family knew about it.And that same day was the day the Estate Manager was introduced to the tenants by my humble self with the order from my sister that the Estate Manager should put in a new tenant into the vacant room.And the Manager started working on this. No one knew in the family about the intention of the owner of the room using it himself until late on April 21/4/2020 when the tenant had already paid, on 15th April ,and packed in on 21/4/2020.Also it is not the duty of the owner of the room to put in tenant. It is the caretaker’s.And the money goes to the owner of the room intact from the family account. That exactly is the graphical narratives of what is going on without any contradiction. But Dapo likes playing to the gallery claiming to be flighting for others whereas it is a smokescreen smacks of disrespect for his seniors.Nobody is cheating anybody four of us including himself are signatories to the family account. So where is the room to shortchange.The Estate manager is not just an ordinary caretaker as it is being derided in local parlance. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Surveyor and Real Estate Manager who retired as Director from the Lands Division of the Federal Ministry of works and as the controller of works in Ibadan office. He is also an erudite surveyor who had authored and published several literatures on public land administration. You can see that l want the best for my family by bringing a person with such pedigree to manage my family property.You see this shameful act had really put a moral burden on the family on that street. My father Leonard Adebajo was a complete gentleman in his lifetime before his transition at a ripe age of 90yrs in 2003.He was a reference point of all landlords on that street and a quintessential community leader here in Lagos and our town Isiwo.In fact many of the tenants in the house till date are those taken in by my father and our former caretaker. And we have had no reasons to evict them because they are responsible and responsive tenants”. Source: The Freelancers-We are Everywhere Keeping Tab on Nigerian Peoples-Both The Good and The Bad-The Peoples Make or Mar The Nation.

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