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COVID-19: Dele Momodu advises those who have come in contact with him to observe self isolation

Ovation publisher, Bashorun Dele Momodu has called on those who have come in contact with him in recent days to observe self isolation as a precautionary step. This was contained in a message posted on his Facebook page responding to information that a guest who attended a London celebration has died of Covid-19. Read below Dele’s response:


I have been inundated with phone calls and a deluge of messages regarding an 80th birthday celebration that I attended in London recently. It now appears that at least one person who was believed to have had the COVID-19 virus attended the Party and he has subsequently died as a result of complications arising from the disease and/or other underlying conditions. I wish to sincerely commiserate with the family of the deceased and pray that God comforts and consoles them. And may his soul rest in peace.

I am overwhelmed by the love and concern shown by all who have called or messaged me. It is important for me to reciprocate by letting them know the steps I have taken and wish to assure my friends and family that all is well.

As soon as the news broke, I immediately made arrangements yesterday night to have myself tested for the virus although I have not exhibited any of the symptoms associated with the virus. I called a senior Lagos State official and was informed by the relevant authorities that since I had not shown any symptoms in 14 days after the London party, I cannot be tested both legally and otherwise because I have already completed the mandatory 14 days procedure.

However, despite my obvious negative status, it is imperative for me to advise all those who have been in contact with me since March 10 to first self-isolate themselves and, if they are showing any signs of the disease, to immediately report to the authorities so a test can be arranged for them. You can only be tested if you have shown apparent symptoms of the Corona virus.

It is also important for those people that have been in contact with me to apprise those that they have been in contact with in recent days to also self-isolate themselves and, if they have been showing any symptoms of the disease, to immediately report to the authorities so a test can be arranged for them.

I must end by saying that this scourge is real and lethal and it is no respecter of status, and we must take it seriously enough. We must take all precautions and follow the directives of the authorities who know better than us. The best advise is to stay home and that is what my family did and still doing. I advise us all to do the same unless we are performing essential services.

Lastly, let me advise that there is so much misinformation flying around. Please, disregard the quacks and speak only to the relevant authorities.

Best wishes always”


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