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  1. – Shile Based on my experience, hiavng the first look is always a great idea. It always sounds scary at first when I ask couples the questions, but those who end up doing it are always very happy they did. It gives you more time to have great photos, and it makes you more relaxed. It also ensures that you will not be keeping your guests waiting too long during cocktails, and hopefully you will get to mingle with guests for a little while during cocktails. I agree with Wale, the “emotional walking down the aisle” moment will not be affected, if he was going to cry, he still will, and it he wasn’t he will still be filled with smiles. Most times that “emotional walking down the aisle” moment is about the heart connection and excitement knowing that the journey is really about to begin . To the groom, his bride will look amazing to him all night. I think it is a great idea for couples to have the first look; however, it is not for every couple. At the end of the day I always go with what the couple is most comfortable with.

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