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Controversy Trails AGEGE DAY as Olu of Agege is dragged to court

2348035778525Agege one of the densely populated areas in Lagos and home to many tribes in Nigeria and beyond is presently loosing it’s peaceful nature just as the Obaship tussle is fast tearing the fabric of the Awori settlement over the Olu of Agege stool. According to the Yoruba age long traditions and customs, it’s the duty and prerogatives of the Afobajes (King Makers) to conduct and select a new king after the demise of the incumbent from recognized ruling houses. But this sacred custom of the Yorubas seem not to have been obeyed in the selection of a new Olu of Agege, the Otapo ruling house who was allegedly the rightful ruling house to produce the new king claimed that government through its agents imposed Isiba ruling house and made one of them the Olu of Agege.
Ever since then, litigations has been the order of the day as the Otapo ruling house has dragged the matter to the Lagos State High Court and praying that the court to uphold their request. However there is imminent danger if the Lagos State government and the Nigeria Police do not stop the plan and preparation of the proposed 2014 Agege Day celebrations being put together by the contentious Oba on the throne. The reason is that both supporters of the two ruling houses may likely cause breach of peace during the celebrations because the Otapo ruling house are of the view that since the matter is in the court, the controversial King whose stool is still contentious has no legal right to organize the celebration.
The aggrieved Otapo family are said to have appealed to the Lagos State government and corporate organisations and well meaning individuals and especially sons and daughters of Agege to shun the said Agege Day which is scheduled to take place between 7th -13th of September. From our findings the factional Oba seems not to be well appreciated by the people of Agege because they believed he was imposed on them by the powers that be, thus they vowed to disrupt the Agege Day event should the factional Oba did not yield to good counsel. It would be recalled that there have been controversies over the stool since 2011 when the commissioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs in Lagos, honourable Ademorin Kuye issued a letter dated 19th August 2011 to Chief Oyedeji Isiba as the new Olu of Agege. It was alleged that the government agents did not follow the advise of the king makers made up of the Balogun of Agege (Chief Akamo), Ekerin of Agege (Aileru) and Asiwaju of Agege (Adebari) who have nominated Prince Nurudeen Adepoju Otapo to the government as their new Oba. In a letter made available to News of the People, both the kingsmen and the chairman of the Agege local government had submitted the name of Nurudeen Otapo to the ministry for the Olu of Agege stool. Along the line, the name was said to have been substituted and the battle was shifted to the Lagos High Court.
On the allegation of conspiracy, it was alleged that one Olumide Ipaye who owns Unique hotel in Agege who was recently conferred with a controversial title of Oganla of Agege is believed by the Agege people to be the elder brother of the Attorney General and commissioner of Justice, Lagos State, Ade Ipaye (SAN).
Lanre Adisa

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  1. I am a bonafide son of Agege. I was born here, have my primary education in Mongoro and secondary at Iloro. It is a clear fact in Yoruba land that the obaship is always selected by the kingmakers, this also happened same way for the recent emir of Kano. It is not also a story but fact that Prince Nurudeen Otapo is still and the unanimously selected Oba elect of Agege. Current Agege LG chairman and Lagos ministry of chieftancy affairs cannot claim ignorance of this unanimously elected Oba; so they must crown the Oba elect all Agege people have selected. The stranger that claimed to be the Oba cannot boast of knowing Agege not to talk of being accepted by Good Agege people. If chaos is caused by the people as claimed, People in Alausa should be held responsible. Otapo is our King.

  2. Isiba himself knows the throne does not belong to him, that is why he is not free with Agege indigen. He ll be thrown out soon, God’s willing. A stranger can never rule us, never.

  3. We the entire hausa comminity, are in full sopport of mr nura otapo as oba of agege. We knew who is otapo family. But why always politians use some peolpe for personal interest? How can you bring mr unknown from no where? To be a oba of agege? This was not happend in history of obaship of agege. We want peace to rain that’s why the matter is in the court. We hope the court will do all justice to bring back the obaship to the right person.

  4. How did the government get involved in selecting a King? Isn’t that the job of the Kingmakers? Typical Nigerian Government bureaucracy. Hopefully the court will undo the blunder of the corrupt officials and give the throne to the rightful owner.

  5. Nurudeen Otapo is our king, everybody knows that.
    we the entire youths in Agege implore the Government
    in place and it’s agencies concerned to correct the abnomalities for peace to reign in Agege…Egbe ADE fun ALADE… NURUDEEN OTAPO ni oba tiwa o…Eko oni baje o,
    Agege naa o ni daru o. Amin.

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