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Cameroon jails Notorious Cross Dresser, vindicate Runsewe’s stand against Culture deviant

Cameroon, one of Africa’s francophone countries, set a bold judicial precedence on Tuesday in Douala, sending out of circulation one of its unrepentant and notorious Cross Dresser, known as shakiro to jail for promoting homosexuality.

A Cameroonian court of first instance sitting in the district of Ndokotti, Douala, found shakiro and two others guilty of practising homosexuality stating that the promoters of deviant Cultures must be kept away from the society and so be locked away.

Just like in Nigeria where notorious homosexuals and cross dressers have been arrested and released, the jail sentence passed on Cameroonian homosexual promoter,, vindicates the relentless campaign of the Director General National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), Otunba Segun Runsewe to rid Nigeria of the presence of homosexuals such as Bobrisky and his likes.

National Council of Women society and a frontline Kenya Non governmental organization, Kenya Women Arise in the forefront of the campaign against homosexuality and other strange behavioral attitudes inimical to the growth of African indigenous Culture, had last year pushed for more stiffer punishment to steam the rise and boldness of these deviant characters in our society.

” Cameroon has set the judicial pace and we must enjoin other African countries to emulate the boldness of the Cameroon judiciary and help Africa to remain Culturally different from other countries of the world.” The Kenyan group stated.

In Nigeria, the relentless and orchestrated campaign by the President, Africa Region World Craft Council (WCC) otunba Segun Runsewe against Nigerian homosexuals and cross dressers are well documented, with Nigerian police on the heels of the growing community of homosexuals and Cultural deviants but sadly non have been jailed just as was done in Cameroon.

Though the Nigerian Women society , the royal fathers and clerics across board in Nigeria, Supported the NCAC boss in his campaign to return Nigeria to the part of sanity in enthroning the best of of Nigerian Culture and heritage, the judiciary backing is yet to measure up.

” We call upon the Nigerian highly reverred judiciary to take note of the effrontery and boldness of the homosexuals in Nigeria and slam down jail sentences that help rid Nigerian society of these deviants so as protect the young impressionable minds from the notorious influence. Nigeria is Africa’s biggest black nation and if things go wrong here, Africa will suffer.” The Kenyan anti homosexuals campaign group further stated.

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