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Bunue Gov; commissions HIV-Tuberculosis, Malaria research institute, Ambulances

The Benue state government has inaugurated the HIV-Tuberculosis and Malaria research institute at the Benue State University Teaching hospital, alongside six ambulances to provide medical emergency services.

The state governor, Samuel Ortom, while performing the ceremony, says the Medical research centre will complement the services of the 24 newly constructed Primary Health Care centres under the MDGs/SDGs transitioning programmes to meet MDGs goals four and five of address maternal health and child mortality cases.

Gov. Ortom who also directs the state Primary health care development board to facilitate the deployment of medical students on the bond scheme to rural areas to ensure adequate manpower for the smooth running of the clinics, warned against misuse of the ambulances by state officials.

The governor commended the contractors handling the projects and 24 rural clinics across the state.

The 24 rural clinics has features like motorised boreholes with water running and good restrooms.

Besides the commissioning of the research centre, the governor also commission six brand new ambulances, where a test drive by the governor to ensure the ambulances are in good conditions.

Here, the governor warned state and local government officials against converting the ambulances to their private use against the medical emergence services the ambulances were procured for.
The state government has demonstrated the politcal will in addressing the Benue state health sector challenges with the recruitment of 500 medical doctors under the medical bond scheme with students graduating from the Benue state university college of medical sciences.

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