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Buhari’s plot to remove me as governor exposed —Fayose

Ekiti State governor Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State governor Ayodele Fayose
Outspoken governor of Ekiti state, Mr Ayodele Fayose has alerted of plot by the Federal Government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari, to reverse his election victory at the Supreme Court using phantom military panel report, which accused the military personnel of rigging the last June 21, 2014 in his favour.
The governor, who also alerted that he was fully aware that the Buhari government was after him, however, warned that any attempt to tamper with the stability of the government of the state, which he said was the legitimate product of last year’s June poll as expressed through free, fair, peaceful and credible exercise, would amount to injustice to people of Ekiti and would be resisted.
According to Fayose, who addressed a press conference at his private home in Lagos, on Sunday, what the Federal Government is trying to do is to cause the Supreme Court to review its judgment in respect of Ekiti poll, declaring that such an exercise was not known to law.
The governor maintained that the Supreme Court had already decided on all the issues raised by the APC in Ekiti, in spite of the fact that its candidate, former Governor Kayode Fayemi, had long conceded defeat, pointing out that everything was decided in his favour.
“The military panel over last year governorship election in Ekiti State is a hatchet job. They have a target, but we are waiting for them. They are after me but I’m prepared for them. I am the governor of Ekiti State, I have history, I have record. Any attempt to invade my state will meet our resistance.
“The day Buhari singles me out, his government will crumble. They have attempted to impeach me, they didn’t succeed, they disturbed my swearing-in ceremony and they failed. They now set up a military panel to upturn what the Supreme Court had decided in my favour. We are waiting for them,” he said.
This was just as he also recalled that the international community and the US government also acknowledged the Ekiti poll exercise to be free and fair, recommending such for future polls in the country, including the 2015 general election.
“Any attempt to rob the people of Ekiti State of their mandate will lead to chain of events, the end of which no one could accurately predict,” he warned.
“We, therefore, urge everyone to accept the fact that the Ekiti State June 21, 2014 election was concluded legally and morally,” the governor said.
Speaking further, Fayose, who recalled his opposition to President Buhari in the last elections, said he had no regret or felt sorry for his actions, declaring that those that promoted him as President would soon regret their action.
Fayose berated the Buhari-led government for not been able to make any meaningful change since assumption of power about seven months ago, saying people were already tagging the President as “Baba- go-slow.”
The governor said that rather than the spate of corruption reducing under his regime, the menace was getting higher by the day, urging Nigerians to prepare for the worse next year.
The governor further warned: “There are 16 things that will happen in the country in 2016. I am going to publish it.”

“There would be so much of disobedience to court order, there will be removal of the oil subsidy within the first quarter of 2016, corruption under Buhari will be on the increase, poverty in this country under Buhari will be like never before, I want to equally establish that power generation under Buhari will be at its lowest ebb in 2016, our earnings will be critical and worse. I can’t remember others as I speak, but I will publish it later.”

The Ekiti helmsman said his team was poised to open can of worms about the leadership of the country from 1999 till date, including how security votes were being disbursed by the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA).

“Again, I want to talk about the N2.3 billion arms deal. I agree with them; we should all fight corruption.

“President Buhari must be bold enough to go beyond Jonathan’s and let us look at all the NSAs in office in the last 16 years. He should go a little further, the Halliburton is there, why is he shying away to go there. I am telling you corruption is even higher under Buhari than ever before,” he said.

“We are going to release a lot of things. To cow everybody that is why they are sponsoring that bill in the National Assembly, to cow the press. I am surprised too, the press, they are quiet, they can’t talk again, they are afraid,” he further said

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