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“Buhari has shown that Nigeria can join big league” Lai Mohammed

lai mohammedThe Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has opined that President Muhammadu Buhari has demonstrated the capacity of Nigeria to join the “big league” of nations.
Mr. Mohammed said this in Abuja while addressing the directors and heads of units under the ministry he head.
He said the president had leveraged his legendary personality, discipline, transparency, integrity, belief in the rule of law, and patriotism to put the country on the global map.
“Since assuming office, President Buhari, the driver of change, has shown and demonstrated that Nigeria can join the big league.
“He has leveraged his legendary personal discipline, transparency, integrity, belief in the Rule of Law, and unparalleled patriotism to put Nigeria on the global map, to show his compatriots that Nigeria can be great again and to show that what seemed impossible yesterday is now possible, either in the war on terrorism, the fight against corruption, the determination to uplift the economy, to provide jobs for our teeming youths and to ensure life more abundant for all Nigerians,” Mr. Mohammed said.
The minister, therefore, urged the directors and other management staff of the ministry to drive the change agenda of the Buhari administration “with the passion of champions of change“.
According to him, in the days ahead, the ministry will be saddling the directors with heavier and newer responsibilities as part of efforts to effectively play our role as the champions of change.
“Gentlemen, in the days ahead, gentlemen, we will be saddling with heavier and newer responsibilities as part of the efforts to discharge our roles as champions of change
“Brace up, because it is going to be one heck of a ride.
“We hope you will be part of the train of change, because many people will like to be where you are today. This is a historic moment.
“In the run up to the last elections, there were times that we did not have money to even run our adverts, whether on the radio, television or newspapers. We soldiered on all the same.
“We were threatened, kidnapped and abducted by those who wielded the instruments of coercion.
“But we remained undaunted. Not even the massive war chest of the ruling party then could shake our resolve or deter us, until we rode to office on the wings of change.’’
“Such was the determination that propelled us then and such is the determination that can propel us now,” Mr. Mohammed said.
He urged the entire workforce to draw its inspiration from the electoral success of the All Progressives Congress to march towards a greater nation.

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