Bisi Ibidapo Obe Scampers to Ghana as ex Lover withdraws Range Rover SUV …plus list of celebrities who dont practice safe sex

The show of shame featuring beautiful actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe and controversial ex member of the House of Representatives from Kogi state, Hon. Dino Melaye, you will all agree is not over yet. Not at a time when there are allegations and counter allegations flying from different directions. While Bisi claims Dino got her pregnant, our dear Dino, referred to Bisi as an actor playing out a script of movie magic.

You will recall that before now, Bisi, who claimed to have been engaged to an ‘unknown’ lover was moved from her former residence at Olufunmilayo street, Ketu, Lagos where she was living with her parents and siblings until three years ago, to Magodo Brook Estate by the lover. This lover in question who is a top player in the Oil and Gas industry is the owner of an hotel known as Elicris Place somewhere around Ikeja in Lagos.

When Bisi started complaining that her new place of residence has been infiltrated by moles prying into her privacy, our dear loverboy had no choice than to move her to another apartment in Lekki, and in a bid to adjust to her new environment, replaced her Honda Element Jeep with a Range Rover Sports SUV with personalised number BIO.

Unknown to the man, Bisi was seeing other men, prominent among whom was Dino. This magazine was reliably informed that Dino and Bisi’s love nest is outside the country, so it was difficult for anybody to easily see Bisi and Dino together. Interestingly, the prayer of Bisi, who has been seeking the face of God became answered and she became pregnant about three months ago. The unsuspecting loverboy, at home, went crazy with joy. Three weeks ago however, Bisi was said to have announced to the man that he is not the one responsible for her pregnancy, rather, it’s one Dino Melaye.

Expectedly, the man asked Bisi to vacate his house immediately and take the pregnancy to whom it belongs to as he can’t look after the child of another man, at least the man responsible is not dead. Unfortunately for Bisi, we were told, immediately she informed Dino about it, Dino started yelling at her. When Bisi discovered she couldn’t handle the situation, she made the situation known to the public. On his own Dino too started telling whoever cared to listen that he doesn’t know Bisi from anywhere.

For now, Bisi is said to have disappeared from the social circle in a bid to hide her shame. She is said to be shuttling between a close friend’s house in Lagos and the house of another close friend of hers and colleague, Toyosi Adesanya in Akure Ondo state. As at last week it was gathered that she had travelled to Accra, Ghana to cool off and stay off prying eyes of mischief makers.

Investigation conducted by this magazine however revealed that most of Bisi’s friends are not perturbed by the latest development as they expressed joy over her state and not what Dino is ranting about. They argued that Dino at the back of his mind knows he is responsible and Bisi on her own is capable of taking care of the baby even without Dino who has been erratic on social media in recent past.

Of all the Dino’s defence, he has not categorically said he didn’t have an intercourse with Bisi, so the rest is left for sound minds to judge, a friend noted.



Celebrities Who Don’t Practice Safe Sex

They enjoy life to the fullest, even with legally married wives at their beck and call. These are celebrities who do not give a hoot about safe sex, as long as they satisfy their insatiable urge for sex with women other than their wives. In the process of their sexual rendezvous with women, they have fathered many children and are still not looking back, taking their ante of indiscriminate unsafe sex to a very embarrassing height. Let’s just give you a scanty list of celebrities who have become notorious for not practicing safe sex.

Tuface Idibia: Remove his mercurial success as a musician, Tu-Baba as he is fondly called does not have any inkling for safe sex. At the last count, he has in his harem, a number of women who have given birth to his many children. Even with his now legally married wife, Annie Macaulay, Tuface is still unrepentant about his knack for women, and having sex with them without any precaution does not make any sense to Tuface.

Femi Kuti: The son of legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti is very well located in this list of celebrities who don’t practice safe sex. Like his father, who also had children from many women, the 50 year-old Femi has also fathered children from many women. His first ever wife, Funke was said to have kicked against Femi’s high libido, forcing the two to go their separate ways; after which Femi went ga-ga putting a couple of his dancers in the family way. When Femi celebrated his 50th birthday recently, about eight children from different women were hovering over him, struggling for his attention.

Dino Melaye: This former House of Reps member is reputed to be a chaser of anything in skirts. But his weakness is that of not practicing safe sex, having it flesh to flesh. His recent encounter with popular Nollywood actress, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe still remains the topic in many circle; as the lady was said to have been impregnated by Dino; only for the Kogi State-born politician and activist to deny the pregnancy. More annoying and disgraceful is the revelation of an undergraduate, recently, who accused Dino Melaye of infecting her with Syphilis. That is how undeterred Dino is.

Lanre Teriba (Atorise): This gospel musician of wide repute has not been able to keep his buttons in check, when it comes to sexual escapades. As at the last count, Atorise is alleged to be fathering five kids from different women through unsafe sex; despite the fact that he is not known to be legally married to any woman. He enjoys sex with women raw and uninhibited.

Wasiu Alabi Pasuma: This Fuji musician is also notorious for getting down with women, sexually, without any safe practice. Paso, as he is popularly called, has had many dalliances with several women, and one many even lose count of the children he has from these women. Paso does not hide his penchant for woman, and he likes having it flesh to flesh. Several actresses in the Yoruba genre of film making have been touted as Paso’s mistresses, even as his marital status has kept on hanging, as he is yet to tie the nuptial knot with any woman. His love for unsafe sex is well-known by his fans, especially female ones, who always crave for his attention, regardless of the sexual attachment that comes with it. Of course, Paso is loaded, and can afford to father children from many women, at the expense of unsafe sex.

To be continued


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