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Bimbo Thomas shows her other side you must know


x2PB-vH09Ld7NymlajjINOh5lc5aG4SqWGEHSdvyTYg,_M-TdJgIFru4YhSvEfbsfGKtlk8vKb6szBC9bxaq6fwDelectable actress, Bimbo Thomas made a bold statement recently with new photo collection that creatively defines her inner sense of nature. The collection that was released in both colour and black and white can best be described as an aura form of photography to portray her naturaliness .

downloadfile-1Although, the collection made available to the public failed to capture the full sense of the  art of her endowment, yet the sensual presentation in the pictures make a deeper appreciation of the actress. The message in the pictures is well communicated and it was indeed subtly conveyed.

To an extent, she confirms the saying that fashion is making trendy statement while style is the way one personalizes the trend. Truly black is gold and that is what this beautiful, elegant and good looking actress is putting out through her fashion and style in the photographs.

Adorning different designer dresses and seductive postures in the pictures, black seems to be the favorite color of the curvy actress whose acting career started blooming by been featured along Funke Akindele in  rascal movie “Omo-ghetto”. Her posture with long binded hair and her curvy endowment can be compared to an Egyptian beauty, a typical African queen.

Perhaps she is one of the famous actresses that believe in the gift of colour nature endowed them as she appears in black from her hair to her feet in a manner of famous singers like Rihanna and Nicky Minaj. She confirmed her love for nature with the rose on her mouth and possibly to convey her message of love to her fans.

The September 29 born grew up on Lagos Island and attended the University of Lagos, where she majored in Creative Arts, recently diversified into the business of winery with her ‘Bimbally’ wines stores in Lagos.

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